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If you are starting or already have a small business and need information on taxes, help is available in the form of media products and services. Publication 3207, The Small Business Resource Guide CD-ROM is a must for every small business owner, or any taxpayer about to start a business. This handy, interactive CD contains all the business tax forms, instructions and publications to successfully manage a business. In addition, the CD provides a wide variety of web links to various government agencies, business associations and IRS organizations. The improved subscription option feature is your opportunity to join the SB/SE Mail List to receive valuable information that impacts the small business owner. In addition, the subscription option feature lets small business owners join the SB/SE Mail List to receive valuable information about IRS outreach programs and products.

Publication 3693, Introduction to Federal Taxes for Small Businesses and Self-Employed CD-ROM course teaches the basics of how to comply with IRS rules and regulations while starting and operating a small business. It is designed so small business owners; new entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals can learn about business tax topics that apply to their own situation. The CD makes use of animation, graphics, quizzes and video vignettes and can be used in a classroom setting, one-on-one counseling or in a self-paced manner.

In addition, please visit our Small Business and Self-Employed Community web site at Our site provides extensive tax information and online tools and resources especially for the small business person. We offer an array of educational products which you can view or order online, at your convenience, night or day. Additionally, the website features an online classroom with video streaming of several of our multimedia educational products. We also include an ever expanding list of services, such as the online application for your Employer Identification Number and e-filing.


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