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Thank you for considering starting a new topical article on TaxAlmanac!

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  • Articles share information and explanations. They do not ask questions or invite discussion. The Discussion Forums are where questions are asked and answered.
  • Please do note that this site is for Tax Professional, and not Consumer, use. Your question will most likely be deleted if you do not have a user profile showing you are a tax professional.
TaxAlmanac is a user-based contribution website. As such, we the users of TaxAlmanac get to help build the site and make it what we need it to be. Is there something missing? Start a new topical article and others will jump in behind you to help out, and in no time, what was missing will be here. Over time, we can really build something very powerful!
  • Not for Questions - Keep in mind that this is not the discussion forum, so this isn't the place to ask a question. Go to the Discussion Forum Index to ask questions. This is to start a new summary of a tax topic similar to an encyclopedia article.
  • Does it exist? - Check to make sure your topic doesn't already exist before you start a new page. Good ways to do this would be to do a search (see the yellow box on the left) or view the Topical Article index.
  • Start Simple - Your topic doesn't have to be all encompassing at first. Others will jump in to help and your topic will grow. Please review the article policies and contribution terms before you begin. There's some additional advice on the help page for new articles.
  • It's Easy - Just type a title for your topic and click the button below. You'll be taken to an edit screen where you can type or paste in your information.

This is not the place to ask a tax question (see to left).
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