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To search TaxAlmanac:
don't click here; this is just a picture of the search box

Just type what you're looking for into the search box located on the left side of every TaxAlmanac page.
Then press the Enter key or click the Go button.

Search results are grouped into two categories:

  • Article title matches - those articles for which the search criteria are satisfied within the title
  • Article content matches - those articles for which the search criteria are satisfied within the text


Do not type your entire question into the search box, only the key words. (i.e. if your question tax is 'What do you do with the Foreign Tax Credit inside an IRA?' you would only type in Foreign Tax IRA)

You might need to click on '500 views', as only the first 20 discussions will appear in a basic search and the list starts with the oldest discussions.

Try other combinations of words that mean the same thing: corp/corporation; salary/compensation/payroll; deposit/earnest money; sale/disposition; rent/lease. Chances are, your question has been asked before.

Hints and Tips on How to Search on TaxAlmanac contains more hints and tips.

There are several ways to narrow your search:

  • To find articles with an exact phrase, simply surround the phrase with quotation marks. Example: "Gift Tax" returns all articles that contain the phrase Gift Tax, but will not return articles that contain only the word Gift or only the word Tax.
  • To find articles without a certain word, simply insert a minus sign immediately before the word. Example: Gift -Estate returns all articles that include the word Gift but do not include the word Estate.
  • To find articles with at least one of the words, simply type the words in the search box. Example: Gift Tax returns all articles that contain either the word Gift or the word Tax or both.

Advanced Search Options

If your search does not return the expected results, or if you get the message "No articles contain your search terms", you may want to select additional areas to search. Simply check as many boxes as you like and click the Search button.
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