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General FAQ: Refer to this discussion: FAQ

How do I ask a tax question?

From the Main Page, select Tax Questions from the discussion forum list on the far right side of the blue box.

Click the link labeled “Start a new Tax Question.” The next page asks if you are a tax professional or not, since TaxAlmanac is a resource primarily for tax professionals – non-professionals are referred to other sites to ask questions. The following page shows the four steps toward asking a tax question:

  1. Update your Profile to provide some info about your experience level/background as a tax professional (note that you have to be logged in for that link to work)
  2. Search for answers – Hints and Tips on How to Search on TaxAlmanac
  3. Familiarize yourself with TaxAlmanac – Code of Conduct, Policies, FAQ
  4. Ask a question.

It is generally fairly obvious when a user skips one or more of those steps and jumps to asking the question – these questions tend to be ignored by a good segment of the users, so skipping any steps can reduce user’s likelihood of getting actionable responses to their questions (and can increase the chance of getting sarcastic answers, or none at all).

After you add your question, you can select the "show preview" button at the bottom of the page to see how your question will appear on the page. When you get your question to look the way you want, you will need to select the "save page" button.

How do I post an answer to a tax question from the Requested Topics page?

If you are logged in, there will be a reply box at the bottom of the discussion, under the heading “Reply to this discussion:” – you type your reply there, click “Show preview” (optional) to check how it’ll appear, and then click “Save your reply” to post your reply to the discussion.

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