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TaxAlmanac wants your help! We, as tax professionals, are working together to establish an online community for robust discussion of tax topics, with all of the right material and right functionality. We really need your help to make this site as comprehensive and informative as possible. Once you create an account and log in, you can edit and contribute articles on TaxAlmanac immediately. You can also find all the information you need to use TaxAlmanac in our help, including how to edit and add new information to TaxAlmanac. If you are unsure about editing articles, you can practice in our Sandbox.

You can also read about TaxAlmanac and our policies.


We encourage you to step forward and give back to TaxAlmanac. It doesn't have to take too much of your time.

  • Content Team - Help by importing content from the IRS - such as Revenue Rulings, etc. Simple as copy & paste!
  • Patrol Team - Help safeguard TaxAlmanac by watching for spammers, copyright violations, etc.
  • Welcoming Team - Welcome new users to TaxAlmanac to make them welcome and more likely to stick around.

What You Can Do To Help

Contributing Content

This is where we all pitch in. We really need you to edit, comment, and add your experience. We believe we all get smarter by working together. When you edit existing articles, or add new ones, you add something to the whole community. When you read an article, you get the benefit of everyone who participated in its creation. Be bold! There are many easy easy ways for you to help out by contributing.

  • Don't know what to write about? Improve one of the stub articles! These articles generally start as answers to tax questions from your peers. You can help here by improving the response and forming it into an article.
  • Have a passion for a topic? Add a new article. It's really very easy, and there are many ways to do it.
  • See something that isn't quite right, or could be better? Find an existing article by searching or browsing and click the "edit" link at the top to update or improve the article.

You can also read the help page for more assistance with adding and editing articles.

Feedback & Functionality

Help us understand what you really need. Click over to our TaxAlmanac Feedback page and join in the discussion. This is a direct way to interact with the community and Intuit to discuss what you think would really make this resource useful to you.

Quick Links

New User Information

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Common Tasks

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