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TaxAlmanac Community Member Feedback

"I love this tax forum. It is hands down the best in terms of technology and breadth of subject matter. The members here are also very competent, knowledgeable and responsible." - Anytaxpayer, 3/28/08

"I am really happy to have found this site. I gain so much from reading the questions and then the related support provided." - Firecracker77, 11/19/07

"This site ... is truly a unique and valuable resource." - GregC8579, 11/16/07

"This site has been a wonderful resource and I love the forum. Thanks to all the professionals who participate." - BettyCA, 11/14/07

"I am still within my first few months w/ this website, and I am so amazed at the the knowledge and experience that the different people bring to this forum. Thank you again." - JAD, 6/12/07

"I'm new to TaxAlmanac and I really love it. Sometimes being a sole practitioner can be so lonely :(" - JenniferCPA, 4/15/07

"As a self-employed CPA, I think it is wonderful to have this website. I feel like I have a bunch of experts in my office." - YH, 4/15/07

"This is a great site for questions at the last minute." - Jmolliconi, 4/12/07

"I found this site, and am now hooked on it." - Dagilus, 4/8/07

"I came across this website about 2 months ago and just love it!" - IJC5474, 4/7/07

"But I'm very glad to have found this website." - Hoofbeats, 3/24/07

"This is a wonderful message board!" - Grateful one, 3/24/07

"Thank you, ALL, so much! You have no idea the warm, fuzzy feeling this site has given me!! I know I can always come here for the reassurance and advice I need!!!!" - RSRAGENCY, 3/14/07

"This discussion forum is THE BEST!" - Smokeytax, 3/10/07

"This is my first try with TaxAlmanac. What a great idea!!" - Indyliz, 3/3/07

"I find that the more I practice representation and preparation, the less I know, and I too have changed a couple returns based on info from this forum. I call my fellow colleagues and usually get incorrect info, then come here and get accurate leads to the correct answer, if not the correct answer to begin with. I am grateful for this forum." - Gmikeg, 3/2/07

"I have been using TaxAlmanac ever since I discovered it 3 months ago and love it. I was a lurker, just reading other discussions to augment my knowledge base. Its the best tool at my disposal." - Irie1972, 2/28/07

"I am a full time student, and full time accounting assistant. I found this website while researching a tax problem for one of my courses and decided to keep it bookmarked as it appears to hold a wealth of information." - LRatcliff, 2/18/07

"I am so glad I have found this website. Wish I had only discovered it years ago!!" - Kytaxpreparer, 2/17/07

"I think I've learned more from the people here on this board than I have from most seminars." - Kathyt, 2/17/07

"I have a lot to learn as far as taxes are concerned, and I believe there's no better place for that than this TaxAlmanac Resource center." - Igoudiaby, 2/16/07

"Some say 'it's beginning to look like tax season.' I say, 'it's beginning to look like the coolest tax site' " - Yogafan00, 2/16/07

"Great tool this Tax Almanac." - Jd2546, 2/14/07

"I luv the communication on this website. It is interesting reading all the the various issues and thoughts." - JodyH, 2/11/07

"I think this is a great site and I appreciate all the time and energy you professionals contribute to it." - Jusducki, 2/9/07

"For me, this is like an on-going tax seminar, it keeps me sharp. Or sharper anyway!" - JR1, 2/9/07

"I'm an undergraduate student at a university in Texas. Tax is an area I enjoy and am working to become a CPA. I enjoy this site as it provides very good advice and presents me with the opportunity to learn beyond the "classroom"." - Taxstudent07, 2/9/07

"This TaxAlmanac site is worth its weight in gold!!!!" - Mcharg5, 2/7/07

"I'm new to the site, and am thrilled to find the resource!!" - SeattleJR, 2/6/07

"That's what I love about this site....learn something new all the time!" - PJLCPA, 1/27/07

"I am very glad I found this site. Since I now work alone I missed having someone that you could ask a question and get their opinion. Sometimes after many long days you just need someone to confirm that your on the right track." - Sw, 1/27/07

"TA is nice because you can learn a lot and talk to people that speak the same language, Tax..." - Will, 1/20/07

"This is a great forum...informative and friendly." - DianeOffutt, 1/19/07

"I found this site helpful; it has a million years experience combined." - BACPA, 1/19/07

"This forum has been most helpful and friendly." - Jeff456, 1/18/07

"I just found this forum and I am very excited about reading about the various business and tax questions other small business owners like myself have." - Nelsone, 1/18/07

"Read about this site not long ago in a local paper and really am delighted to have access to the site. Although not an accountant, I have always enjoyed reading about tax related items. Odd hobby, I know!" - Jusducki, 1/17/07

"First time I used this resource. Am thrilled with fast response." - Marty760, 1/17/07

"I think this forum is a great place for people like me. I learn a lot from you all." - Bigman, 1/16/07

"This web site is a great resource - the discussion forums are better than others I have been using." - FlaGators, 1/13/07

"What a neat place this taxalmanac!" - Mrrex11, 1/12/07

"I am a new CPA starting a part-time practice. I have found this site very informative." - Victor1530, 1/11/07

"I claim not to know everything and that is where TaxAlmanac site comes to the rescue. I keep it on my desk top! Thanks to all who contribute, discuss the facts and allow us to treat our clients with the best information!" - PBERRY, 1/9/07

"I am very new to this site, and am finding it VERY informative." - DrJay, 1/6/07

"I am an old accountant with 23 years in the business. The older I get the more I forget! I have been looking for a site like this where I can ask my "half-timers" questions to other accountants without looking like I am incompetent. This site was a life saver!!!! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! All of you, for taking the time to share your knowledge." - Dlpahas, 1/5/07

"This site is awesome." - Actionbsns, 1/4/07

"I am so happy to have found the Tax Almanac website!! Great resource. Thank you." - Aagarwala, 1/4/07

"Great forum. Wish I had found it a couple of years ago." - Northwinds, 12/29/06

"I really like this site as it gives lots of info & opinions for FREE (a bean-counter's dream)! Let's have some fun this tax season!" - Roxnpa1040, 12/27/06

"This board came as an early Christmas present this year; I thank all of you for all I have learned." - Death&Taxes, 12/24/06

"I am brand new to this profession. Finding TA this last quarter has really propelled my obsession with tax compliance and planning. The discussions are outstanding sometimes. I really don't have any other sites to compare it to, but I know a valuable thing when I come across it." - Will, 12/21/06

"This is such a refreshing site to seek out information and knowledge. I'm still amazed how intelligent some of the members are." - Chris2lane, 12/21/06

"I am enjoying TaxAlmanac greatly. What a fantastic idea." - 10BEARS, 12/18/06

"I am a sole practitioner, and I find this site to be a great resource." - CrowJD, 12/17/06

"I think that this is a GREAT community you are building" - PJLCPA, 12/12/06

"I went back to school last year to study accounting and intend to eventually sit for the CPA exam. The discussions here have been incredibly helpful with my coursework." - Lphillips, 12/8/06

"Don't you just love this forum?" - Estiben, 12/7/06

"I consider TaxAlmanac a great find." - Poorhouse Road, 12/7/06

"Like most people here I am addicted to this message board for learning, to share and to laugh at some of the conversations." - PDXCPA, 12/5/06

"This site has been a great resource for us. Thank you." - Sunny, 12/5/06

"I enjoy reading the Tax postings on TaxAlmanac. I have reviewed the posting on these issues and found them very helpful." - Bbla, 12/5/06

"I just love TaxAlmanac, I live here nowadays!" - PBERRY, 12/1/06

"This is a great place to get help when you are just not sure you have it right." - TLF, 11/29/06

"I too love this site; I've only known about it a short time, but I've found it really helpful!" - Anne, 11/23/06

"I have found that this site has been so valuable to me...more so than all the books on my wall or all the research online. This site is readily accessible and it gives you a vantage point to research further on many topics. Thank you Intuit!!" - Sandysea, 11/11/06

"This is surely a great board." - Solomon, 11/5/06

"TaxAlmanac works great! It is good to share knowledge and experience." - Strowe, 11/5/06

"I came across this site a few months ago and it has been great." - SBCPA, 11/3/06

"I just found out about this site and am so glad. One of the things I missed most was bouncing ideas or questions off people at work; and now I found somewhere to do that." - Anne, 10/14/06

"I gotta tell ya this is why I like this, bouncing ideas around, a good double check!" - Mtmckeecpa, 10/4/06

"Still can't believe how awesome this site is." - Jamestily, 9/29/06

"This site is flippin sweet. You guys are great." - Jamestily, 9/28/06

"This forum really has become something I enjoy reading and learning from." - Michaelstar, 9/22/06

"I need to strengthen my tax background and ... this quest may not be as difficult with such great sites such as this at my disposal." - Commutergirl, 9/13/06

"I've just found this site and joined. What a great idea!" - 2wingit, 8/26/06

"I was actually just browsing the net for a quick answer and found this site today, it is awesome!!!" - Chaplowj, 8/25/06

"I am short on tax experience and found TaxAlmanac forum a great learning tool for me." - Fumio, 8/25/06

"This site is an invaluable tool. Everyone here is so very nice and always willing to help. Keep up the good work." - Acctax, 8/16/06

"Very good way to get knowlege. I think every person should get CPE credit hours for the time spent on this website." - Janakpatel, 8/15/06

"Your website is MOST HELPFUL!!!! Very knowledgeable contributors who are quick to help out. Most Refreshing!!!" - Eddycpa, 8/15/06

"My only problem with TaxAlmanac is it is addicting. I am losing at least an hour a day here, but I have to say, it has been well worth it." - Kendrick, 8/15/06

"TaxAlmanac is a wonderful tool for CPAs and other tax professionals." - KatanDalet, 8/15/06

"I have looked at other boards and this one is the gold." - Solomon, 8/15/06

"Thanks a lot for such prompt and detailed explanation, you guys are great. God bless TaxAlmanac!" - Yvette, 8/14/06

"I have done a lot research and ... found out that TaxAlmanac has the most answers of my specific questions." - Mygod1979, 8/10/06

"Although it's great being on my own, there is always a need to bounce ideas off colleagues" - Rruth, 8/10/06

"I found this great site looking for an answer to an S-Corporation return I'm working on.....and am so glad to have found it!" - Bwest, 8/9/06

"Great site, good and helpful input by participants." - Lark, 6/14/06

"Finding this site has been such a blessing!!! It's a little hard when you're the only one with no one to bounce questions off of. "Thinking" you know the answers, but just wanting that reassurance can really be a headache. This site gives you just what you need!!" - RSRAGENCY, 5/25/06

"This site is great---We are able to help each other so much." - TTtzulungTT, 5/11/06

"I am glad to have a source to go to get answers. This is especially important for individual practitioners, who have no one to ask questions of, otherwise." - Skq9545, 5/10/06

"I think that this site is outstanding. I've been pleasantly surprised by the level of knowledge of the posters." - Warren, 5/10/06

"I have already recommended this site to several accountants. For me, what makes the site better than other tax sites is the features which accompany the tax message board. I have found the articles and practice tips to be very helpful." - Taxref, 5/10/06

"Really like this site. Very Helpful." - Strcpa, 5/8/06

"I've found this site to be very helpful and interesting. I've appreciated the responses to my posts as well as the vast information and valuable pointers at my fingertips." - Figuringitout, 5/8/06

"I love this forum." - Acctax, 5/3/06

"This is site is wonderful. I am very grateful of it. " -, 4/24/06

"This website is the absolute greatest! I do so much research and it's nice to get feedback from others as I have no mentors, and have been doing this for 15 years. In the past, I have made judgement calls without really knowing if they were the right way to go, so I am thankful to have people to bounce stuff off of!" - Estock, 4/21/06

"I just found this site 3 days ago and I was thrilled. I am a single office person and many times I have questions and no one to ask. I will be using this site year round." - Gphillips, 4/21/06

"My biggest problem is I don't have anyone to ask questions so when I found this site I was thrilled." - Gphillips, 4/20/06

"This forum has inspired decisive and to-the-point research for me." - Gmikeg, 4/19/06

"This site is great when you need help or when you are not sure about something even after doing the research." - Lalva, 4/19/06

"I have found this site extremely useful and plan to read a number of the posts now that tax season is over. Knowledge is power and we can all learn from one another. It is impossible to retain everything and yes, research is necessary, this forum allows us input from others who's experience and level of expertise is very helpful." - Jokadah, 4/18/06

"I also am very glad to have this site to go to. It gives us a start in the right direction on some questions, and should there be a wrong answer, someone is very quick to come along with the right one. There aren't a lot of schools or places to find answers." - Tess, 4/18/06

"I am really glad I found this site. It has been very helpful to me. I appreciate everyone who helped me out with answers and I hope I helped someone else out, maybe just a little. I've learned a lot this year just by reading all the discussions." - Sw, 4/17/06

"I really like this website, it offers me a security blanket and a place to ask a question - good or less than good - and get some thought provoking responses." - Actionbsns, 4/17/06

"I have become so much addicted to this forum that instead of doing tax returns I spend more time here reading different tax problems and sometimes answering them." - AJS, 4/13/06

"What a great place to look for infomation." - BarbaraB, 4/12/06

"Ok, let me come clean - I just started reading these forums two days ago and I am entranced. Great discussions." - Controller, 4/8/06

"Too bad I found TaxAlmanac towards the end of the Tax season. But its better late than never. It has helped me a great deal. Members of this forum are real knowledgeable professionals that go out of the way to help. Great bunch of people. Thank you TaxAlmanac" - Biggulping, 4/8/06

"WOW.. Absolutely Great." - Praheja, 4/2/06

"Great resource." - Michsim, 4/2/06

"I am really glad to have TaxAlmanac available. Being totally on my own, I'm left to my own interpretations of some difficult tax law. Having TaxAlmanac around is kind of like being in a large firm where you can bounce ideas off other firm members. Even if you can't use the answers as authoritative documentation, you are often directed to a source that can be used for that documentation and that's incredibly helpful. Please keep it around." - Actionbsns, 4/2/06

"This site is fantastic!!" - RSRAGENCY, 4/2/06

"I am finding it to be a very helpful resource." - Figuringitout, 4/1/06

"Excellent source of information!" - ArchCPA, 4/1/06

"This site is just great! A tremendous resource. Can't say enough good things about it. Thanks!!" - Skhyatt, 4/1/06

"This is such a wonderful site! Being on my own, it's sometimes hard when you have a question, think you know the answer, but there's always that little voice adding doubt! The people who have helped me have just been terrific!! I thank the Good Lord for my having come across the site!! THANK YOU ALL!!!" - RSRAGENCY, 3/31/06

"This forum is great" - Jake, 3/30/06

"I love it - it's very helpful and a great place to find answers to tough questions I don't always know. Much appreciated and enjoy the feedback from others." - Dclearyea, 3/30/06

"I find the website to be very helpful :) It's a great resource." - Jmgtmg, 3/30/06

"I am SO happy (and relieved) to have found this website. I read the other post about being insecure on your own and it's true. Getting feed back and added confirmation and guidance on tax issues that I'm encountering for the first time is helping to build my confidence. One person can't know ALL of the tax regs in depth but does need to know where to find the answers. TaxAlmanac it a great benefit to accountants and tax preparers as well as their clients!" - MLG, 3/30/06

"Nice to see such well organized and informative forum, great work!" - Svinto, 3/30/06

"I thoroughly enjoy this website. You learn something new each day and some of the people are unbelievably smart." - Chris2lane, 3/24/06

"As a sole practitioner it is nice not to feel like an isolated practitioner." - Diego, 3/16/06

"This site continues to amaze me." - Dennis. 3/15/06

"I'm glad to have found this website. It is much needed." - MLG, 3/11/06

"Glad to have this website as a place of contact with other professionals." - JHRTAXPREP, 3/10/06

"Since I have a solo practice, the idea of having some place to post questions to a large group for feedback is especially appealing. I plan to visit TaxAlmanac frequently." - Joan TB, 3/8/06

"Have I mentioned how much I LOVE this site???!!!!" - RSRAGENCY, 3/8/06

"My first use of [TaxAlmanac] and boy it really works." - BobV, 3/6/06

"Thank you so much! I've been practicing since 1993 and have JUST found this site!! It is simply wonderful!! I cannot begin to tell you HOW much I've been enlightened to these past few weeks! This site is absolutely fantastic. The responses given are from such wonderfully talented people who care to share!! Again, I thank you!!!" - RSRAGENCY, 3/6/06

"I have been using this site since January. I find it very helpful and I am enjoying it a lot... TaxAlmanac is filling the void." - Lalva, 3/4/06

"This is turning out to be an excellent site!!" - RSRAGENCY, 3/1/06

"This is the greatest! I am a sole practitioner out in the country with no real network of CPA's to bounce things back & forth - Until now! Now that I've discovered this site (through Lacerte), I read it 2-3 times daily." - Brensan, 2/23/06

"I am a new Tax Almanac member and am already benefiting from this wonderful resource." - Elane, 2/10/06

"I am really grateful to have come across this forum. I have already gleaned tons of useful information and I wish to thank everyone for their contributions. Let's face it. None of us know the answers to every situation every time. But it is really nice to be able to exchange opinions and share what we know with each other." - DR BRISKET, 2/5/06

"My first time to this site, I read a number of the entries in the discussion forums, very helpful information. I'm sure I will utilize during tax season. Thanks Again." - TaxKathie, 1/14/06

"What a comfort to know there are others 'out there' who have the same questions I have. Makes me feel like I do belong in the CPA world after all." - Bogie, 1/11/06

"I am learning so much being a part of these discussions. ... Thank you for this incredibly timely information." - LJACPA, 1/6/06

"Handy tool! Thank you." - MArdelean, 1/4/06

"New user. This looks great! You mean I can ask some of those silly questions on a topic I can't seem to find the right answer to? There have been occasions. Thank you very much for offering this." - MArdelean, 1/4/06

"Thank you for offering this service." - Blubby, 1/3/06

"Very Informative site" - Spago11, 12/31/05

"This is a great network for tax professionals! I have a home-based office and the tax work can be quite solitary, so it is great to be able to connect to a network of other professionals out there. It is an excellent tool of communications and it's good to know that you don't have to make the decisions alone when it comes to gray areas, and that we all can exchange knowledge and ideas and learn from one another. Thank you!" - Ninyap, 12/27/05

"I look forward to participating in this board. It is nice to be socially connected to my colleagues." - MinervasOwl, 12/21/05

"Since we all have questions on tax preparation, this should be a helpful site to both get and give assistance to other practitioners." - Ndjcpa, 12/15/05

"Wow! This was my first time to the site and I had so much fun answering questions and reading the discussions. I'll definitely be back. The accountant Geek in me will use this as my new late night entertainment! Hopefully, my glass of wine isn't unduly influencing my answers." - RLMCPA, 12/14/05

"This website is a great resource." - Negative Basis, 12/1/05

"Absolutely wonderful. Thank you." - DianeOffutt, 11/22/05
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