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These FOUR STEPS are designed to help you. Please don't skip them; they'll help you get the best possible responses.


Please search prior discussions to see if your topic has already been covered; you may end up finding responses to your question before you even ask it (the best response may already exist). Reviewing the prior discussions will - at the very least - help you frame your question to get better, actionable responses.

  • Search the site using the yellow search box to the left of the screen, or the box below:
Please SEARCH for similar topics before posting your question. Use simple terms like "real estate deposit" or "S corp salary". If you don't find what you're looking for, change your search term slightly and try again, like "earnest money" or "corp payroll". Note: discussions started recently will be toward the bottom of the results.

If you find an applicable discussion and want to clarify something you've read in order to apply it to your specific situation, you can: either start a new discussion and refer to/link to the other one (see the FAQ for info on how to link to another discussion), or you can post your query at the end of the discussion you were reading - however, it's generally best not to add to an existing discussion if it is old or long/meandering.
If you've already posted to an existing discussion, please don't start a duplicate discussion with the same question.


Please check to make sure your user page has current info about your background and level of experience as a tax pro by right-clicking here: Profile. (you need to be signed in for that link to work.)

  • Go to your personal profile/user page, select "edit this page" at the top of the page, change the boilerplate to include your own information, and then click the "save page" button at the bottom.
  • You are not required to provide any identifying information, such as your name or place of business.

Your level of experience may be an important consideration when users are developing an appropriate response to your questions, and also provides valuable context for your posts. Providing this info tends to increase your chances of getting helpful responses, since some users won’t respond at all, or won't respond seriously, if your profile hasn’t been updated.

Questions will likely be moved out of the Tax Forum, and into the Consumer Forum, if your profile has not yet been updated.


If you’re new here, please familiarize yourself with the appropriate use of TaxAlmanac, a free online tax research resource and community for tax professionals.

If you've already done a search on your topic, and have therefore read many of the prior discussions, you've probably got a good feel for the typical style of the interaction here. You can review anyone's profile/user info just by clicking on their name in any post, or review their contribution history by clicking the word "edits" just to the right of their user name.

Good links for getting to know the site beyond that: FAQ, an Overview of TaxAlmanac, Policies, and Code of Conduct.


If you've searched and your user page has up-to-date info about your level of experience/background as a tax pro, then please follow one of these links to submit your question (note, only the first three categories of questions below will post to the Tax Forum).

Hey, this is step *4* for a reason. If you somehow skipped step #1 or #2 - and also, if you're new here or haven't participated for a while, #3 - please go back up and do them before you post your question.

Ask a basic tax question
Ask a more complex tax question
Ask a tax question with no classification as to complexity
Ask a question about CPE, licensing, software, fees, E-filing, or any other Practice Management/Business Growth topic
(including PTIN, EFIN, ERO...)
Use the Chat Forum for jokes, venting, links to interesting tax articles, or otherwise taking a break from tax prep.

Please don't start duplicate discussions - if you can't remember what you already asked, or can't find your discussion on the forum, go to the "my contributions" link at the top right of the screen, open your original question from the list, and add a new post to the end to provide more info or ask a follow-up question. That moves your old question back up to the top of the forum index. See the FAQ for info on changing your discussion title or editing your posts.

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