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Forum Award
This user has been recognized as a top contributor of high-quality replies in the TaxAlmanac Discussion Forum.

There are some great people here on TaxAlmanac. They take time out of their day to answer questions in the discussion forum, categorize pages, add content to the site, etc. We encourage you to say "Thanks!"

An example of what the Barnstar Forum Award looks like is shown to the right.

How to Recognize Someone

Option 1

Leave a message for someone on their user talk page just letting know that you think they're doing a great job at ______ (replying to questions, categorizing discussions, adding new content - whatever they did!)

Option 2 - Give a user a "Barnstar Award"

This Forum Award may be given by any user to recognize other users who are consistent contributors of high-quality replies in the TaxAlmanac Discussion Forums.

  1. Go to their User Page
  2. Edit it
  3. Add the text {{Award|Forum}}
  4. Save the page

An example of what the award looks like is shown above .

Join the Team!

Although you can recognize people without doing so, we encourage you to "Join the Team" by adding your name below.

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