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The version of the Internal Revenue Code posted on TaxAlmanac has been updated and is current ONLY THROUGH MID 2007. We are not aware of any other free publications of the Internal Revenue Code that are as current as ours. The version of the Internal Revenue Code provided by the government and posted on other websites at no cost has been updated only through January 22, 2002.

We first imported the Internal Revenue code provided by the government into TaxAlmanac. Then, we reviewed the public laws enacted since 2001 and posted the amendments, technical corrections and additions. We also annotated the system to show the changes and amendments posted. During this project, over 1,000 pages of enacted legislation were reviewed and more than 2,500 amendments, changes and corrections were posted to the tax code on TaxAlmanac.

The following have not yet been incorporated into TaxAlmanac's version of the Code:

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