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TaxAlmanac's copyright policies protect the site from getting a take-down notice from the copyright owner. The Website Use and Contribution Terms set out the rules, and are linked in the upper right corner of every page on the site. There's also some more explanation at the very bottom of this help page on adding content, including:

Do not violate copyrights. To be safe, do not copy more than a couple of sentences of text from anywhere, and document any references you do use. You can copy material that you are sure is in the public domain, but even for public domain material you should still document your source. Also note that most Web pages are not in the public domain.

Volunteer Activities

If a post appears to contain something copied/pasted from a research service, blog post, article, etc., even if the source is fully cited, it’s probably a violation of the copyright policy. If it’s possible to link to the source instead, with a note or heading indicating the section that was copied, then just replace the copyrighted content with the link and an explanation that “copyrighted material was removed in compliance with the TaxAlmanac copyright policies.”

If a synopsis of the material is necessary, then post a note on the poster’s talk page indicating that the copyrighted material would need to be removed, linking to the policies, and asking them to summarize the point they were making and remove the other content. You can also replace the content with a synopsis of your own, if you are familiar with the points being made, but it’s nice to give the OP a while to do it themselves.


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