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This was a page created back when the site was new. The topics originally had been formatted as links, but there are no actual articles or discussions with these titles. It appears to be a wish-list of the topics to be covered eventually.

Currently not in use.

  • Criteria for the deductability of health insurance purchased by an S-Corporation for a shareholder
  • Professional liability insurance for tax preparers
  • "Reasonable" compensation for S-Corporation shareholders/employees
  • Tax Software for small practices
  • Professional Certification for tax preparers: CPA, EA, etc..
  • CPA's drafting articles of incorporation: practicing law without a license?
  • Should a temporary worker be considered an employee?
  • High schoolers taking college courses: Hope Credit vs. Lifetime Learning Credit
  • Are MBA tuition expenses deductible?
  • GoZone Depreciation Guidelines
  • S-Corporation income taxes: ordinary deduction or separately stated item?
  • Advantages/Disadvantages of real estate as an asset in a C-Corporation or an S-Corporation
  • Deduction of COBRA insurance as self-employed health insurance on Form 1040
  • Does the filing of an amended federal return extend the statute of limitations?
  • What advantages are there to incorporating in Delaware?
  • Deductibility of life insurance for key employees
  • May an indivdual make a SEP contribution to a pre-existing IRA account?
  • General guidelines for required estimated tax payments by individuals
  • Treatment of depreciable assets when an S-Corporation becomes a C-corporation (S to C conversion)
  • Tax consequences of C-coporation conversion to LLC (Limited Liability Corporation)
  • Employer provided cell phones as fringe benefits
  • Electronic payments - what replaces the cancelled check?
  • Reporting requirements for gifts from foreign nationals
  • How to deal with non-paying/slow-paying clients
  • Reporting a Section 1031 exchange: one property for multiple properties
  • Who bears responsibility if an employer does not deduct payroll taxes for an employee?
  • Recognition of gain under Section 357 in a Section 351 incorporation of a business
  • Child and Dependent Care Expense Limitations
  • Outsourcing tax return preparation
  • Allocating income from sole proprietorship between husband and wife
  • Treatment of expenses incurred for repairing/restoring investment property
  • Methods of allocating assessed property value between land and improvements
  • Requirements for section 179 expense: assets used in rental activities
  • Correct treatment for early distribution from Roth IRA
  • May an LLC member receive wages from the LLC as an employee?
  • Forming an LLC with a foreign member
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