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Steps to add your own photograph

1. Find an appropriate photo of yourself on your own computer (no copyrighted materials, please)

2. Make sure your photo isn't too large.

We recommend the free online tool PicResize, which allows you to resize, crop, and/or add special effects to your photos.
a. Go to the PicResize website.
b. Select the "browse" button to locate your picture, then select "continue".
c. Optional: Use your mouse to select an area of your photo and select "Crop Selection".
d. Type "100" in the "width" box and change the pulldown to "pixels".
e. Optional: Select a special effect.
f. Select the "Resize Pic!" button.
g. Select the "Click Here to Download/Save As" link to save the new photo to your computer. Your photo will be saved with a name starting with "rsz_" followed by the original name.

3. Select the Upload file link in the left column, then use the browse button on that page to find the photo on your system. Select the "Upload file" button.

4. Take note of the name of your uploaded file. It will start with "Image:" followed by the name of the file on your local system.

5. Edit this page and replace "Image:Nopic.JPG" in the top line with the name of your file. Select "Save page".

Embedding an image in a discussion post

  1. Upload the image (a .jpg file) from your computer. To do this, click "Upload file" in the toolbox area just below the yellow search box on the left of the screen.
  2. Once the file has been uploaded, go to the discussion and type the message in which you want the image to appear. When you get to the place where you want the image to show, click the editing button with the picture on it ("Embedded Image"). This will insert the text "Image:Example.jpg" surrounded by two square brackets.
  3. Change "Example.jpg" to the name of the file that you uploaded.
  4. Click the "show preview" button to see if the image is displayed as you intended. If so, click the "save page" button. If not, check that the file name as typed is an exact match to the file you uploaded, and try the troubleshooting tips below.

Troubleshooting and other solutions

  • If you find your picture is too large, you can try to have TaxAlmanac resize it for display - like this: [[Image:example.jpg|200px]]. Adjust the "200px" and preview until it's the size you want.
  • You can link to a jpg that you're hosting on your own site, just paste the link into the post (again, though, please be mindful of the size of the picture). Please don't link to pictures that you're not hosting yourself, though, due to copyright rules and TaxAlmanac's own copyright policies.
  • When you are replacing "Image:Nopic.JPG" with the name of your own picture (which should also start with "Image:" once you've uploaded it to TaxAlmanac), be aware that the name is case sensitive, and you'll need to match the case of the picture you uploaded exactly, including the extension (e.g., JPG vs jpg).
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