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How to Add Links

There are two types of links:

  • Internal links allow readers to quickly go from one page to another within TaxAlmanac
  • External links allow readers to jump to related pages on external web sites.

Adding links to an article is easy:

  • Internal links
    • Simply place the name of the page between two sets of brackets, [[Like this]]. The name of the page is what shows in extra-big font at the top of the page, e.g., "Discussion:Frequently Asked Questions" - or on this page, "Help:How to Add Links"
    • You can also change the wording that is displayed by adding a vertical bar and the text to display, like this: [[page name | text to display]]
  • External links
    • Simply place the address of the page between one set of brackets, [Like this].
    • You can also change the wording that is displayed by adding the text to display, like this: [address text to display]

Type of Link How the link looks How to make the link Notes
Links to other TaxAlmanac pages Main Page [[Main Page]] Put the page title between double brackets
Discussion:Frequently Asked Questions [[Discussion:Frequently Asked Questions]]
TaxAlmanac:User Introductions [[TaxAlmanac:User Introductions]]
User Introductions [[TaxAlmanac:User Introductions | User Introductions]] You can change what is displayed
Links to external websites Simple bare link
[1] [] Link with no title
IRS website [ IRS website] Add text to display
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