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Below are some ways to explore the TaxAlmanac:


  • Click on the links provided in the Navigation section in the sidebar. Then, follow the links from article to article.
  • Browse the various categories. See the TaxAlmanac Categories.
  • View what edits have been made to TaxAlmanac articles recently. Click on Recent Changes in the sidebar.
  • Go to a random article. Click on Random Page in the sidebar.


  • You can use the Search to locate various tax related articles. To do this, enter a keyword or phrase in the Search box in the sidebar, then press Enter or click the Go button. If you typed the exact name of an article, you will be taken directly to that article. Otherwise, you will receive a list of articles related to your keywords.


  • Find the pages that have a link to a given page: click What links here on the latter page. This works also for a page that does not exist (there may be links to it, which makes it extra useful to create it). The What links here button is also on the edit page on which one arrives when following a broken link.
  • Use the special pages. Click on Special pages in the sidebar.
  • Use your watchlist to track changes made to a particular page or article(only when logged in). To view pages on your watchlist, click My watchlist on the top of the page. To add a page to your watchlist, go to that page and click watch at the top of the page.
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