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Need an IRS tax form or publication? Easiest is to use your computer to download tax forms, instructions, and publications from our web page. Access the IRS website at and click on Forms and Publications found on the left side of the page. You can also reach us using File Transfer Protocol (FTP) at

You can find many high demand forms and publications at local IRS offices, many post offices and libraries, copy centers, grocery stores, pharmacies, city and county government offices and credit unions. In addition, some have reproducible copies of other IRS tax forms that you can photocopy at your own expense.

You can order forms and publications by calling 1-800-829-3676. To expedite your call, make a list of what you need before you call. You should receive your order within 10 days.

Finally, if you received a tax package but need additional forms, you can use the order form in the package to mail in your request.

If you call or write to order forms from the IRS, it will help us process your order faster if you request items by their form or publication number, not titles.


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