Extensions of Time to File Your Tax Return

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There are three choices for filing Form 4868 (PDF) , Application For Automatic Extension of Time To File U.S. Individual Tax Return, electronically; by phone, by computer, by paying with a credit card. If you file your Form 4868 (PDF) electronically; you will receive an acknowledgement or confirmation number for your records and you do not need to send in Form 4868 (PDF). If you were serving in a combat zone or in a contingency operation, refer to When, Where, and How to File for more information about extensions.

The 4868 Telefile system (1-888-796-1074) is a telephone automated system that accepts extension requests with or without a balance due payment. You can use Form 4868 (PDF) TeleFile between February 7th and April 15th (between February 7th and June 15th if you live and work, or are serving in the military in a foreign country) to file your extension by phone. For your convenience, you can authorize an electronic funds withdrawal from your checking or savings account. If you choose this option, you will be asked to provide the Adjusted Gross Income (AGI) from last year's tax return for taxpayer verification. You can call early and schedule your payment to be withdrawn any time up to April 15, 2005 (June 15th if you live and work, or are serving in the military in a foreign country). You will receive a confirmation number at the end of the call for your records. If you prefer, you can request your extension by phone and mail your check in separately.

You can refer to your tax software or tax professional for ways to file electronically using e-file services. If you wish to make a payment using the electronic funds withdrawal option, be sure to have a copy of last year's tax return. You will be asked to provide the Adjusted Gross Income from the return for taxpayer verification.

You can generally get an extension if you pay part or all of your estimate of income tax due by credit card. You may pay by phone or Internet through one of the service providers listed on Form 4868 (PDF). Each service provider will charge a convenience fee based on the amount of the tax payment. At the completion of the transaction, you will receive a confirmation number for your records.

In addition to filing Form 4868 (PDF) electronically, you can file Form 4868 by filling out the Form and mailing it to the place where you will file your return.

Please be aware that an extension of time to File is NOT an extension of time to pay.

The State government web site also contains information useful to individuals. Visit the taxation links for each state's site to find information on individual tax issues, including electronic filing. Click the following URL to link to the State Government web sites: http://www.irs.gov/businesses/small/article/0,,id=99021,00.html.

Source: IRS.gov

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