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PollyAdler (talk|edits) said:

21 August 2013
Dostoyevsky is proven a genius again with the latest outrage in Oklahoma. How could he have seen this coming so many years ago?

Two major American events involving innocents this year. Lane and Martin.

Lane: a dedicated young man with a very bright future cut down in the bloom of youth.

Martin: a young man with an unstable upbringing, a fellow with problems but not deserving to die.

Both young men walking in places they had the full right to expect the integrity of their person. Neither of them trespassing.

Lane cut down by three devils. Martin cut down by Zimmerman after being stalked and Zimmerman uh...defending himself. As the Huffington Post said about Zimmerman: Not Guilty, But Not Innocent.

Why are all of these people looking for a kill?

I know some will say it comes from not reading the Bible enough, but I don't know.

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