Discussion:"Pencilled" boy shamed, dad fired. Salem witch redux.

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Gazoo (talk|edits) said:

21 June 2013
Young man is anally violated by two or three teamates with a "no 2" pencil. Attack occurred on the bus. Boy ends up shunned and shamed, and his old man fired.

This story from Bloomberg today is so odd and disturbing that even I am at a loss for words.


Well there has been a lot of people in the U.S.A. who have been to H.S. Based upon my personal experience in high school (and I loved every minute of it) I never saw or heard of anything like this. So how come some of the older people in this community seem to think it's normal, or somewhat normal? Is this town located in the Twilight Zone?

I need to see how this county voted in the last general election. Really I do. I am awaiting further developments in the case.

PollyAdler (talk|edits) said:

21 June 2013
From the article: "In at least four cases of sodomy hazing last year, the coach or supervising teacher was alleged to have known about it, ordered it, witnessed it or laughed about it, according to police reports and court filings."

See Crow's timely articles about the "coach" crisis happening in America today.

“I knew it wasn’t going to be pretty,” the principal [in question] said. “When you take on, first, a powerful family in the town -- and he is also the school board president, and his kid had done something wrong -- there is going to be something coming back at you.”

The powerful family in the story above was the Harris family. Pater Harris was school coach, school board president, and appearently the owner of the son who was one of the pencilers (pencilors Spell?). By "coach" I think he was playing the role of "wrestling" coach during this incident.

The boy was penciled against his will, and besides he was a minor and could not consent to being penciled. It was a sexual battery.

Who was Rudolph's coach? Donner? I've always wondered about him. What was he capable of? He seemed bent on humiliating Rudolph. (Again, the issue is a neurotic conflict within the coach that prevents him from telling the truth about himself that is the root of the problem. I.e. a lie is at the center of the problem.)

Kevinh5 (talk|edits) said:

21 June 2013
The only reason that parents say 'this is normal' is because the parents did the same thing when they were young. You learn morals by being exposed to them. You learn hate by being exposed to it. None of this is innate behavior - it is all learned, and if not corrected, continues from generation to generation.

PollyAdler (talk|edits) said:

21 June 2013
I would not disagree with you. Much behavior is learned.

My only comment would be that I don't think all behavior is learned. For instance, some behavior springs from an impulse or a drive.

Let's say a person has an internal conflict. He is conflicted about something. He is driven to act, but he is scared of something. He's fearful. Now this springs forward or is acted out as compulsive handwashing behavior, for instance.

As long as he is always washing his hands or straightening out the top of his desk, he does not have to face his fears: i.e. the the conflict which is causing him so much inner struggle is held in abeyance. He distracts himself from his conflict while he's busy washing his hands.

You can imagine all the conlficts of a sexual nature that can brew and surge forward like this. Especially if people are brought up in a repressive environment. The result of this kind of upbringing is a fascination with some of the cruder and crueller forms of sex. It's like putting the lid on a steam cooker full of water and leaving it on the stove. It's likely to blow sky high sooner or later.

I think Grant Wood did a masterful job of capturing this idea with the painting "American Gothic". The painting is unsettling. All is not well on the farm.

The "cure", if there is one, is acknowledgment of self, knowing oneself, and if one is courageous enough, accepting onself. The act of cure is an act of truth.

(I would imagine in the story above, the three young abusers were standing as proxy for the coach. The coach essentially permitted it, he approved of it by an omission, in fact, HE wanted it. And it's quite possible the coach is not even aware of his essential untruth as a person.)

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