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ChrisV2 (talk|edits) said:

26 June 2014
Folks - Intuit has closed down these discussion forums -- see the announcement up top in the announcement box ^^

Even though it looks like you can still start a new question here, nobody will be able to answer it...additional posting seems to be shut off.

Most of the prior members of this site have moved over to our new hunting ground, www.taxprotalk.com/forums/ -- if you are interested please join us there.

Many, many thanks to Intuit and the folks that launched and maintained the TaxAlmanac site for so many years, and I would also like to personally thank Tim Doyle for his patience and grace in answering my questions about what was happening with this site when the warning about shut-down was issued first back in April. I really hope Tim and the other folks from here will come over to the new site and reconnect.

It's more than just discussion, for a lot of us it is friendships and a real sense of community.

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