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TelcoPro (talk|edits) said:

7 October 2011
I've been in the tax profession since the mid 90's. MBA from UT Dallas, then moved to Rochester and worked in Public Accounting for what was then Coopers & Lybrand. Did mostly real estate partnership returns and individual returns for about 3.5 years. Then worked for a couple years doing Consolidated corp state income tax returns for Frontier/Global Crossing. Been with current company for 11 years. We provide billing solutions for CLECs, Long Distance, ISPs, Wireless providers, etc. We integrate our own proprietary tax engine into the software so we are constantly researching and maintaining transaction taxes such as sales, gross receipts, utility user taxes, right of way fees, 911 surcharges, USF, etc. Essentially anything that is required to be, or that may be passed through to the end user on an invoice is our responsibility. Surprisingly have not discovered this site until recently reading about it in JOA. Never hurts to have another tool for networking.

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