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DelcoMatt83 (talk|edits) said:

12 April 2011
So I've served three full fledged tax seasons now, and last year I went for the CPA exam, the only part I did well on was REG, anyways the CPA exam wasn't for me as I don't give a flying damn about about auditing or insanely abstract accounting that's not to say I don't understand nor appreciate fundamental and functional accounting. I didn't do too well, because to sound snotty I am a tax man. Either way I want to do this Enrolled Agent thing. I went out and brought the Gleim Study course for part 1 and been looking it over. Everyone talks about how "easy" this exam is, and make it out to be as if it's a joke. However I just went through the Study unit about the section 1245 and 1250 crap, and whoa it blew my mind. Is the course made to be more difficult than the exam? Whichever, I'd like to talk to people who have recently taken the exam, and people who are currently taking it so that I can get an idea of what I am in for. Thank you.

Suomalainen (talk|edits) said:

May 19, 2011
DelcoMatt83 - I am also looking for an EA study buddy. You have not filled out your personal information so there are no tracks to find you. I'm at 985-801-9122 if you find this respoinse.

Frankr ea (talk|edits) said:

11 June 2011
I recently passed the EA exam (and the CPA exam 2 years ago).

I understand how sections 1231, 1245 and 1250 may seem to be confusing. I struggled with those also. To help you out, I am enclosing a link I've found that may help you understand this topic a little better. Or if you have more questions, feel free to message me and I will attempt to answer what I can. Hope this helps!


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