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Gerrid7 (talk|edits) said:

25 May 2005
Is anyone using the Quickbooks Premier for Accountants for their write-up services? I use several different software packages for payroll, write-up/bookkeeping, depreciation etc. and was considering using this as my only package. I have clients that would like to get their information in an electronic format and I felt this might be a great help with that. I also would like to only have to update one software package a year rather than 3 or 4. Does it work as well as any other general ledger creation software? How about journal entries? recurring entries? etc.

What problems may you have encountered by using it? Advice please.

DianeOffutt (talk|edits) said:

17 August 2005

Yes, I have used QuickBooks Premier for Accountants since 2003. The 2005 version is fantastic. It can handle all that you mentioned above. You will need to purchase ENHANCED PAYROLL which allows you to take care of 50 clients. You also may want to purchase their Certified ProAdvisor opportunity and sit for their exam (online). It allows you to get listed in their Certified ProAdvisor Database. It is a great tool for obtaining new clients. WIth all this package offers I do not feel another write-up package is needed. You may want to go to QuickBooks website and ask for a trial CD and check it out for yourself. I use it for everything. I especially love creating PDF files and sending them to clients, not to mention Remote Access sessions that you, as the accountant get a free 12 month subscription. I renew each year for technology allows them to continually enhance the program. If I can be of further service please feel free to email me.

SLF (talk|edits) said:

20 December 2005
Good Afternoon,

I agree with Diane. QuickBooks Premier for Accountants has been a valuable resource to our firm, as well as enhanced payroll. We are also Certified ProAdvisors since almost all of our clients are on QuickBooks. The advisor program provides various trial disks for flexibility in bringing clients on board.

Mwiley (talk|edits) said:

21 December 2005
I agree also. I work in a small firm and do write ups for about 30 clients. We primarily use QB Premier 2005, but also use Creative Solutions TB solution for clients who provide Balances at year end. I prefer to use QB. Providing that QB is set up and used properly, it provides a nice audit trail. The best feature for me is the ease in which I can communicate with clients who use QB.

Haz48076 (talk|edits) said:

18 May 2012
I am considering using QuickBooks for write-up- i was wondering how it compares against Creative solutions accounting CSA

Trillium (talk|edits) said:

18 May 2012
Haz: You must have searched only on "quickbooks" or on "write-up"? Try this search: Quickbooks CSA and note that the discussions started most recently are at the bottom of the search results. It's not a best-match algorithm; a discussion started in 2005 will be at the top of the list only because it was started longest ago.

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