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Discussion:QB 2011 Alternative

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Bilbo (talk|edits) said:

28 December 2010
I don't do a lot of bookkeeping. I use MIP Sage on an everyday basis and over the years have got out of the small business writeup business. I reverted to a trial balance in exel with TAJE's and helped the clients post their own QB but I stopped buying it except....

I have one client that goes back about 100 years. I have never had a need to take them off QB99 which I liked because of the small footprint. They have had 1 to 3 employees and they file a 1065. They do electrical service work. Very easy.

However, now I have upgraded to W7. I can run QB99 in XP Mode but it is a little clunky. Should I just jump on QB 2011 or should I consider something else since I don't need inventory or payroll?

Thoughts or suggestions?


Fsteincpa (talk|edits) said:

28 December 2010
Since you are already a Sage user, you might possibly get an inexpensive copy of Peachtree, another Sage product.

Or, or, or

You could try Quickbooks simple start which is a free gateway program intuit gives out.

I can't find my disks from my 2009 program, but somebody may be able to get you a copy, or you could download it from Intuit's site.

Fsteincpa (talk|edits) said:

28 December 2010
I looked quickly on the Intuit website, but while I could search for it, the links to the downloadable versions did not work.

I have located my 2008 Simple Start disk.

If you wish, you can shoot me an email and I can create a client portal for you where you can download the 2008 Simple Start Program to try.

Email me by adding after my screen name.

Miltaxman (talk|edits) said:

28 December 2010
Or, if you need really simple (but free) bookkeeping software: GnuCash. It's not nearly as fancy as Quick Books (e.g., no payroll, just simple double-entry accounting), but it does the trick for my bookkeeping. I'd probably switch over to QB if I ever decided to offer bookkeeping to my clients though.

Bilbo (talk|edits) said:

28 December 2010
Thanks Fsteincpa and Miltaxman.

I am happy to report that QB99 lives again - in Windows 7. So there is no need to change as this program does pretty much what it needs to do. That's the thing with GL software. If you could book an entry yesterday and you can book an entry today, then you should be able to book an entry tomorrow without need for support packages or updates or any other abuse. And Wow - you should read the complaints about the registration process with QB 2010. But....

.... on another site, a gentleman told me how to make QB99 work in Windows 7. Here are the steps just perchance it works with other "non compatible" QBs versions.

1. Copy the program folder from another computer running Windows XP or Vista. Just an older windows version that has QBs working. For me, I just used the XP virtual version.

2. Put in the disk and Install just like one would normally do. (I tried to skip this step - won't work.)

3. Once the install is complete, copy the old QB file onto the new one just created in step 2. Overwrite any duplicate files.

4. For me, the next step was just to start QB, go to the registration screen and select registering by phone. Then copy in the registration number from years ago into the blank field.

QB99 seems to work great - and lightning fast.

Maybe some folks won't have to upgrade after all. Or they won't have to shell out extra for Windows 7 Professional just so they can run older software in Virtual XP mode.

Miltaxman, I did play with GNUCash. It would be just fine for keeping my own books. Like you, I would want something else for client writeup because of the reporting.

Fsteincpa, I took a look at QBSimple 2011. It looks like it doesn't do a balance sheet. I did find it for sale by Intuit but it wasn't free. It wasn't very pricey though.

Like always, it is always great to come here and have people like Fsteincpa and Miltaxman take time out of their day to answer a question. I really appreciate it.

Many thnx, Bilbo

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