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Taxmom (talk|edits) said:

4 February 2007
I'm getting e-file errors when filing this form and hope someone can help. Support was absolutely no help and told me to call MN.

MFJ couple with income low enough to qualify for form M1ED. They have 2 dependents. 10 year old daughter and 88 year old parent. When I add the form, it automatically pops up grandma ("parent") along with the dependent daughter on the Smart worksheet. I then click the "QC" on the left just for the daughter and it populates "A-First Child". Everything looks fine.....but when I e-file, I get rejection codes 0667 and 0802. It wants information on grandma. Same scenario last year....e-filed fine.

Taxmom (talk|edits) said:

4 February 2007
Sorry.....posted this in the wrong link. I'll move it to tax discussions.

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