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Discussion:ProSeries vs Lacerte

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Mtolic (talk|edits) said:

18 December 2005
I have been usining Proseries since starting my business 19 years ago and have seen some discussion with practitioners that have moved on to Lacerte from Proseries. Could someone out there with the knowledge que me in on what the big advantages were that justified the added cost of Lacerte? Was it worth it? Was there any big learning curve time sacrificed in order to make this transition? Thanks for the feedback...

DZCPA (talk|edits) said:

19 December 2005
I recomend you get a sample and evaluate Lacerte and how it compares to Proseries in relation to what and how you prepare returns. I have been happy with Lacerte for aprox 17 years.

RLMCPA (talk|edits) said:

20 December 2005
I previously used very high-end programs, such as CCH Prosytems, UltraTax/Creative Solutions, & Fast-Tax. I find that with Lacerte, I get the "most bang for my buck." I get great quality software with most of the special things that I need, like partnership special allocations, most elections, special trust rules, etc. for a reasonable price. So you get a technically advanced software package for a reasonable price. Plus, with the REP program, I only have to pay for tax returns I actually use and can budget for the next invoice. Also, my part time tax preparer finds it easy to use and I find it easy to review her work.

SLF (talk|edits) said:

20 December 2005
We have also used CCH Prosystems, UltraTax/Creative Solutions, Pro-Series and moved on to Lacerte. By far the most user friendly program with easy to locate input sections. The direct links back to the input screens and direct depreciation links definately builds loyalty to the Lacerte program. We have been using it faithfully for several years and wouldn't dream of using anything else. YES it has been worth it and we have reduced prep time to a minimum and the error ratio to almost nill.


Taxmaven8 (talk|edits) said:

27 December 2005
My company has been a long-time Lacerte user, this being our 18th tax season using the program. The first reason we chose Lacerte was because of the REP option, since this is a low cost alternative and gives the small practiitioner access to all of the Lacerte program library and only have to pay for what was used.

But the real power in Lacerte is that it organizes and prepares a return the way accountants think. We think in terms of income and expense categories, not necessarily by the form. Lacerte does the formating for us. In the recent past, my firm began thinking about switching from Lacerte, only because we had heard some really horror stories regarding Intuit's user support. With the exception of that first year, things have gotten alot better.

Judylowrance (talk|edits) said:

28 December 2005
We have been using Lacerte for the past 7 years and find it very user friendly and easy for our new people to learn. The REP option for doing state returns for our clients that move in from out of state or do business in other states is an inexpensive option. We find that our E-files are processed through Lacerte quickly and that if there are problems we get a detailed report. Usually E-file problems are related to someone who has failed to change their social to reflect a recent marraige, etc. Lacerte is constantly improving on tax information links. One of their recent developments is tax analyzer which points out possible issues to address with your client, tax saving suggestions, etc.

Whode (talk|edits) said:

10 January 2006
For someone who is a total beginnger in the field, which would you choose, ProSeries or Lacerte? Both seem to be comparable in pricing on a pay-per-return basis. Lacerte seems to be able to handle more complex returns and is more of an industry standard (a plus if considering working for another firm in the future?) than ProSeries. So, at first I was assuming it would make more sense to start out with Lacerte. However, it does seem less user friendly to someone who doesn't prepare that many returns. Is that true, or is it just as user friendly as ProSeries. If it is as user friendly, it doesn't seem like there's any advantage with going with ProSeries. Does that seem right or am I missing something?

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