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Woodcraft70 (talk|edits) said:

13 April 2006
I have a client that began drawing Social Security in April of 2005. He received a notice from the IRS that he would owe $600. He mailed a money order to pay the anticipated amount due. I have completed his return and he is due a $2 refund. I have not entered the prepayment of $600. Where does that amount go? Can I enter it as an estimated tax payment on Lacerte screen 6 or should it go elsewhere?

Natalie (talk|edits) said:

15 April 2006
Assuming the $600 is a payment for estimated federal income taxes, then yes, the amount would be reported on screen 6 in Lacerte.

Klesher (talk|edits) said:

15 April 2006
Doesn't seem that the IRS would be that efficient and send out a notice regarding the Social security he received in April 2005. Did you see the IRS notice? Make sure the payment he sent in was for 2005 taxes.

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