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Naomi3800 (talk|edits) said:

27 September 2012
Hi all,

I have a question regarding the peer review. I only do tax work and bookkeeping for my tax clients. I do not do any audit and review. If I need to do compilation reports, it will be the no disclosure compilation reports for the bookkeeping clients. Do I still need a peer review?

How much does the peer review cost? I am trying to estimate and cut down the costs. I only have a small business and have been struggling to get more clients. However, it is so hard to build a practice :(

If I need to do one, where I can find a peer reviewer.

Thank you in advance for sharing your experience to me.


PHIL MOODY (talk|edits) said:

27 September 2012
Contact your state board of accountancy. Either they can answer your questions, or they will have sometype of peer review committee that can help you.

There are usually several reviewers within your state, some out of state also may be interested.

If all you do are compilations, it is possible that review may be done by mail.

Remember that if you are licensed in more than one state, to check with each state on their requirements.

Naomi3800 (talk|edits) said:

27 September 2012
Mahalo, Phil.

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