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Discussion Forum Index --> Basic Tax Questions --> Military W-2 with V in Box 14

Discussion Forum Index --> Tax Questions --> Military W-2 with V in Box 14

SunnyCA (talk|edits) said:

10 February 2011


I have a client who worked for the military and he has a V in Box 14. Does anyone know what this is for? I have seen the questions on a W in Box 14 but I don't see anything about a V.

Trillium (talk|edits) said:

10 February 2011
Tom says maybe info on pre-tax benefits, see Discussion:D.C W-2 Box 14?

Nightsnorkeler (talk|edits) said:

10 February 2011
"Box 14—Other. ...You also may use this box for any other information that you want to give to your employee. Label each item."

The emplyer should explain any amounts in box 14 and whatever code they chose to use.

Lukepccpa (talk|edits) said:

20 February 2011
Box 14 Code V appears to be Pretax Federal Employee Health Benefit Incentive on a military W-2

Military Tax Matters lists the box 14 codes for military W-2's.


FSC (talk|edits) said:

April 3, 2011
Need to go to http://militarytaxmatters.com/W2andLES.html - Box 14 Codes are not same as Box 12 Codes. Dept of defense is closing a base here in NJ and relocating employees to VA so some of these are showing up for a few of my clients.

Kbairtax (talk|edits) said:

3 April 2011
Look on the back of the w-2....it gives all the codes. I went 3 years before I noticed the back of the form!!!

Noiseacct (talk|edits) said:

10 March 2012
I found the codes on the following website:


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