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Ztom (talk|edits) said:

30 July 2012
I have been using Lacerte for almost 30 yrs. I am not happy about their extra charges for Corps, 1065, 1041s, I have to pay around 2k extra to do these forms along with the 4300 for Individual and Calif. I have been thinking of signing up for Drake just for the above forms. Any comments would be appreciated. Tom

Trillium (talk|edits) said:

30 July 2012
You will find many discussions about Lacerte vs Drake in the Practice Management/Business Growth forum, which includes tax software as one of its primary discussion topics.

There are two quite recent ones; I'll add links if I have a a minute later (but you'll probably also find them if you scan page 1 of that index for the word "Drake"), and I'll transfer this discussion to the appropriate forum later today.

Lark (talk|edits) said:

8 August 2012
I used Lacerte for 16 years. Opened my own firm 6 years ago, found Lacerte cost prohibitive. Used both Lacerte and Drake for one year but found I needed to "jump" with both feet into Drake. It has been three years now with Drake. Have had a few problems, but keep reminding myself that I have saved $7,000+ each year. With Drake you need to know how to do taxes. You need to pay attention and carefully review your work. I realized I depended on Lacerte to catch errors or show me how things were calculated. Now, I pay more attention to the details - not a bad thing. Drake Tech Support is good, will work with you on any explanation or solution. Because I do mostly Massachusetts returns, I was glad to see that Drake works fairly well with such a difficult state. They also offer short tutorials on the different areas of the program. These are great for refreshers. Each year I give Drake a wish list of things to incorporate into their program. Most of the suggestions are what I miss from Lacerte. Lacerte worksheets and letters were organized and the format pleasing. Lacerte diagnostics were targeted and clear. Drake worksheets and letters are not always clear or good looking. Drake diagnostics are sometimes bazaar and do not explain the problem or solution. But you learn to either decipher or bypass or resolve. Tech support is a great resource. Call before you spin your wheels. Drake also does not charge additional for ANY business returns, extension, Document Manager, general ledger program, payroll program, organizers - they do not charge extra for anything. They do have a few optional add-ons, but they are not necessary components.

If you have any specific questions, let me know.

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