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Gruderman (talk|edits) said:

9 April 2006
This isn't a "tax" question, but I am curious if anyone (1) uses a Mac and (2) uses Lacerte running in windows on a Mac?

I want to switch to a Mac, but can only do so if the tax software operates efficiently.

Any Mac users?

JR1 (talk|edits) said:

9 April 2006
Ex Mac user, sadly. But the news on the new Macs with the WinHell chips are that they can install Windows XP from the original install disks. Apple won't support it, but it does work. News just yesterday.

Pegoo (talk|edits) said:

16 January 2007
With the new Intel Core 2 Duo Chips on the Macs, you can dual boot OSX and WINOS.


I have it running schweeet. But my XP license cost me approx $70 (OEM - search around for those deals).

Aarons42 (talk|edits) said:

27 April 2007
In response to your inquiry re Lacerte on a Mac, I also am interested in this. Your initial inquiry was in 2006. Have you purchased a Mac with the Intel chip and if so heve you been successful running Lacerte and with which Windows emulation software?


Skylax (talk|edits) said:

24 July 2007

I bought a new imac and am running Lacerte successfully via Parallels software. I allocated 30 gigs to the VM. Boy does it run fast!

SG92821 (talk|edits) said:

26 September 2007
Skylax, how's Mac, Lacerte and Parallels working together so far? I want to buy a Mac but Lacerte was holding me back until I saw your post. I would love to hear that it is still working beautifully! Do you have Parallels 3.0?

Paul.scott (talk|edits) said:

9 April 2008
I have gotten Lacerte working correctly on Macbook Pros using Windows XP and Parallels. As a community however we really need to press Intuit to offer Lacerte for OS X Natively. I have found a number of Accounting and Tax firms who use Lacerte and are using this solution which is a bit of a work around. I would like to start a petition of Lacerte users to let Intuit know a OS X Native version is important to us. If you would like to partisipate in the petition just write me at paul.scott@mac.com and I will put a page and start collecting names.

Szptax (talk|edits) said:

10 April 2008
I have a beautiful Mac sitting in a box. I had intended to do this pre-tax season & there were numerous delays & I wasn't brave enough to try as tax season got closer.

Wdove511 (talk|edits) said:

21 April 2008
I just finished up my tax season on a MacBook Pro using Parallels. Before Apple came out with Leapord V 10.5, I had trouble keeping a wireless internet connection. And there is still some printing problems here and there. But overall it worked out just fine. I have a very small CPA firm and use my laptop and cell phone to do my work, although I have desktops as well - my laptop is the "key" component in my practice. Personally, i did it because I have clients that use quicken and quickbooks for the mac, as well as clients who use quicken and quickbooks for the PC. Now, I have the same Mac software as my clients and the same PC software as my clients.

But, I will have to admit. I really know very little about operating the mac side of my computer - other than Quicken and Quickbooks. That is my post-tax-season assignment. If anyone has suggestions, I am willing to hear them out. BILL

Paul.scott (talk|edits) said:

29 October 2008
It is time we all start coordinating calls to Intuit and show them how many of us are working on Macs and would benefit from a Mac version of Lacerte. I have also contacted Thompson about their PPC tools and how important it would be to see them on the Mac as well.

Gruderman (talk|edits) said:

9 January 2009
I would love to see a Mac version of Lacerte, as I currently run it via Parallels on my Mac. I also would like to see the Mac verison of Quickbooks be able to work on a network - currently the data file you work with must be located on the local Mac, and not on a network server. I talked to Quickbooks about this to no avail.

Gr8flmo (talk|edits) said:

23 October 2009
I would love to see a native Mac version of ANY professional tax preparation software. (I'm assuming that the situation has not changed since the January 2009 post.) I guess I should tell this to the nice Pro-Series salespeople that keep calling me.

If someone knows of a program that will run on the Mac OS, could you let us know?

Thanks, Maureen

Tm ea (talk|edits) said:

24 October 2009
I received a notice from Intuit (I believe) stating that they are working on a web based program. I have also heard of another company that does a web based package. I want to say that one of the really highend packages is web based. I kind of like the idea of a web based program, you could sit down at any computer anywhere and get to work - as long as your Internet connection is working.

Supertaxnerd (talk|edits) said:

20 January 2010
I'm a big user of web-based applications, except when it comes to tax software. For tax prep, I just want a native application. I've been using ATX with Parallels, and while it works, it would just be nice to have ANY tax software for the Mac. I suppose the reason why they haven't done this as yet is because it's not worth the cost. They'd have to build new software, train new or existing staff, additional support, etc. I guess the community of tax professional using a Mac (OS X) just isn't that large. Would be really nice to have though. I'm not going back to windows, so until they release a native OS X version of a good tax prep software package, I'll continue using Parallel (and that's honestly just about the only thing I use Parallels for these days).

Skylax (talk|edits) said:

2 February 2010
Wow, a web based Lacerte would be great. Real "cloud" computing. That is the wave of the future (present?) Lacerte would just need a gi-normous server, but it would sure save all the updates downloading on the computer(when you're in the middle of a tax return!) and it would save me some drive space. And then I wouldn't need a PC at all, just my trusty old imac.

Let's vote for cloud computing!

Taxmouse (talk|edits) said:

19 April 2010
I have a Mac Pro tower that I ran Lacerte on through Parallels/Windows XP Pro for the first time this year. I am very pleased with it as I do any online work on the Mac OS and this way I can toggle back & forth on the same machine & same screen instead of going between two computers as I used to do. I also have a 40 inch screen which is wonderful. I am using the 32 bit version of Windows XP Pro. I am told that if I were to switch to 64 bit Windows 7, that it would probably run faster since Parallels doesn't currently take advantage of multiple processors; or I could run partition my hard drive and run Windows natively on the Mac; however, this would mean I would have to quit Windows to run Mac OS which I don't want to do. I am always interested in more speed, but I was very happy with how this season went.

Skylax (talk|edits) said:

9 August 2010
Hey Taxmouse or any of you Parallels users, things have slowed to a crawl running Lacerte. My PC side hard drive doesn't need defragging according to XP tools but I have only 13% hard drive space left on the PC side. Anyone know how I can allocate more HD space to Parallels? I initially started out with 30 Gigs but now with Lacerte '07/08/09 along with Taxtools and other needed programs.

JanetP1 (talk|edits) said:

9 August 2010
Hi Skylax, I was just at an Apple Store over the weekend to talk with them about switching from a PC to a Mac. They sales guy showed me a screen where you can allocate more space to Windows. It was all very new to me so I can't tell you how he did it but you could probably just call a store and ask them. Did you buy their One-to-One service? Are you having any problems running Lacerte on your Mac through Parallels besides the space problem? I have heard there can be printer problems....

Skylax (talk|edits) said:

29 September 2010
Thanks JanetP1,

This week I added more RAM to iMac and it is quite a bit better. I turned of all the unnecessary "googahs" on the windows side so that I could process better on XP side.(My computor-R click-Properties-Advanced-Performance-Settings-Visual Effects-Adjust for Best Performance) I allocated more memory to Windows but I really think the problem is I need a faster processor (imac is >2.5 yrs old and only 2.16 Ghz with 3 G of Ram.) Didn't get one-to one. The store is far away and I can usually figure stuff out myself.

My imac is my back up machine at home. I back up Lacerte every evening onto a portable HD and bring it home and upload to Lacerte on my imac. I can do tax returns but do no efiling from imac and do not have a printer hooked up. This is just so I can continue my work at home, then I email myself the lacerte files from home and upload them to my PC at work.

Clunky but it serves me. And I do so love my imac...........sigh.

Rally180 (talk|edits) said:

30 September 2010
I have a Mac Mini in my office as I am a Mac guy. During tax season I use Bootcamp and run Taxworks & Crosslink software and have it networked with my other machines. My employees have no idea they are using a Mac as it is a true Windoze enviroment. Tried Parallels and I think Bootcamp is faster.

KeithR (talk|edits) said:

30 September 2010
Rally180, how easy is it to switch from the Windows side to the Mac side using Bootcamp? I thought the issue with Bootcamp was that you had to select your OS on startup. With Parallels or Fusion, it is, in effect, just another program in the Dock and quite easy to move between the two.

Rally180 (talk|edits) said:

30 September 2010
You are correct. You must reboot and that has never been an issue for me. I pretty much leave it in windows mode during tax season. I have just found it runs faster using Bootcamp.

My Mac boots quick enough so, it has never been a concern.

Amythntr (talk|edits) said:

8 December 2010
Hi...I purchase a 17" Macbook Pro over the summer. It has 8gb of RAM...I run Nova Parallel 6 so that i can run windows 7 along side Mac OS operating system...I know Lacerte doe not support Mac...they make that very clear when you call them. I was able to load Lacerte with no problem....I can downloas updates without any issues off of Intuit's website....here are my issues for which Lacerte will not provide any quidance.

1. When I hit forms all non of the forms sometimes show up on the left sode of the screen...I have to go out into the main client screen and go back in and and they then show up.

2. I cannot back up to a hard drive or a flash drive...I can back up to a cd but when I go to restore on a PC I cannot restore..

Has anyone had similar issues and what was your remedy...Also any suggestions here?

GSR (talk|edits) said:

30 April 2011
I have not had any problems running Lacerte on Parallels. My only issue is that I don't currently have the network version, so I can't save the Lacerte data on my network server; instead it is saved on my Virtual Machine. I am going to bite teh bullet and get the network version next season, so I can have all of the data on my server. This way I won't have to worry about backing it up - although my Mac is backed up constantly with Time Machine and my server is backed up daily.

As far as web-based tax software...I tried the Intuit Proline Tax Online this season and had to switch back to Lacerte mid-stream, as it did not have the features I've come to love and expect. Still, I wish there was a better option on the Mac - something native rather than having to use Windows.

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