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John of PA (talk|edits) said:

4 February 2007
Any input on how it is going with the new feature at Lacerte Scanning W-2's right into the data entry screen (eliminates need to input W-2 into software). So far every W-2 I tried worked, 1 1099R did not recognize the client.

Will (talk|edits) said:

4 February 2007
Hi John,

I have a friend that has been up and running for two weeks now and loves it. She has been scanning all source documents since DMS was first released, this is just another efficiency earned by her paperless operating procedures. In her opinion the w-2 has a near perfect scan percentage, and if one fails it is very clear that there is a problem, no real chance that the process can be populating a return with junk data. It also matches the w-2 SS# with the TP main data and underlines any discrepancy which se really liked, her practice is mostly individuals.


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