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Taocpa (talk|edits) said:

11 March 2011
I cannot believe my luck the last few months....

First, I had a flare up where I was so disoriented, my vision went south and new lesions developed. I didn't recover until late January.

I had to get new software which, although I learn quickly, did not like a password change I made. I found out last night that any return I e-filed didn't go through.

So this morning, my phone rings at 8:05am with a p*ssed off client whom I promised to call yesterday. I couldn't e-file because of the password issue. He was mad.

Oh, and for the last three weeks, MS Outlook caused problems for me. I had no idea why. Somehow, McAfee loaded onto Firefox and basically slowed my computer to a crawl. Have I mentioned: I HATE MCAFEE!!! IT AND NORTON ARE HORRIBLE! Norton was once the king and it was great in the 1980's. Once Peter Norton sold out to Symantec, they screwed up his great product.

So this morning, I was in a hurry due to a medical issue and my glasses fell off my head. I decided to get them later. What do you think happened when I came back for them?

That's right: I stepped on them and broke them.

So here I sit, headed to an appointment with sunglasses on and I will be stuck wearing them for a while. Ugh.

I would rather be hit by a tsunami at this point.

BTW, my little girl is catching on at 10 years old. My wife was asking if I blew out a candle I lit in my office in case we lost power during the monsoon yesterday. My angel look at my wife and said, "No, mommy. He put a bunch of papers over the candle so the house would catch on fire."File:Bigsmile.jpg

Gotta love it.


Kevinh5 (talk|edits) said:

11 March 2011
Tom, I hope things get better for you. Start teaching your 10 year old how to cook. She'll see plenty of fires that way. Better use your outdoor kitchen as much as possible though.

Belle (talk|edits) said:

March 11, 2011
...I would rather be hit by a tsunami at this point. Hope no one in Japan is reading this....

Sorry Tom, to hear of your recent string of bad luck (what's that line about 'When it rains, it pours?'). I usually keep a spare pair of glasses (with a prescription no more than a year old) - as I've done exactly what you did.

Try AVG antivirus software - either the free version, or buy the advanced version (it's not expensive). My computer guru recommended it several years ago, and I love it. Absolutely no negative interactions with other software (so far anyway).

I hope your daughter didn't inherit your "fire challenged" tendencies.

Death&Taxes (talk|edits) said:

11 March 2011
Be careful what you wish for, Tom!

We slog thru, don't we?

I noted the other day that I found that my right eye is basicially useless because of a cataract that developed. My sister asked, 'and you never noticed?' I thought it was dirty glasses. My left was always my shooting eye anyway.

CathysTaxes (talk|edits) said:

11 March 2011
Tom, I'm so sorry you're had some rough days. Have some chocolate. It always helps me (of course, I do eat a lot of it).

TexCPA (talk|edits) said:

12 March 2011

For whatever reason, I was thinking about you this am. There is nothing like your children to bring joy and laughter. Keep your chin up. This post requires you to spend 15 minutes with that girl of yours, (dancing, dolls, crayons. etc). I guarantee you will not think about anything else... at least for a while..

From Texas

TexCPA 00:32, 12 March 2011 (UTC)

CrowJD (talk|edits) said:

12 March 2011
Tom, the Lord is trying to save you the trouble of figuring out what to give up for Lent.

That's enough trouble for the whole 40 days. You are released of further obligations and you can go back to partying and carrying on. You've suffered enough.

(I've had trouble with the modern Norton too. I had to have my whole system wiped one time. It "mysteriously" occurred after I installed one of their products I had downloaded.)

Joanmcq (talk|edits) said:

13 March 2011
i just got over my second bout of sickness in about a month. I thought, well, I'm home from work sick, I can do my own returns. Wrong; I couldn't get the energy to get up the stairs. Haven't been able to eat for a week, and tomorrow I begin prepping for a procedure on Monday....and can't eat. I'm stuffing myself on ice cream right now. better get at it while the gettings good.

And my clientele is concentrated on CA RDP returns.

That's my tax season. At least I don't have cataracts!

Smokeytax (talk|edits) said:

13 March 2011
Tom - on the glasses - Costco will sell you multiple pairs at once for a very low price, with pretty darn good service - I have three!

Of course you know that, but life can get in the way of sensible precautions.

Taocpa (talk|edits) said:

15 March 2011
I finally found my backup glasses. Now, I can see.

I fixed my Outlook so now it's time to go through the angry e-mails. I had to deal with 2 angry clients today. At least I was able to defuse one with my Irish charm.

I am running AVG and Ad-Aware. It's working fine now.

I now have to get a new cell phone working. The old Droid crapped out. Verizon sent me a refurbished one. After all the money I've given them, they were SOOOOOOOOOO generous.

It might be time to think about retirement. I don't want to use MS as an excuse. I am not that bad. It's just harder to get motivated for some reason. I've never had that before.

But I keep my head up and going.


CathysTaxes (talk|edits) said:

16 March 2011
Tom, AVG had me stop running Ad-Aware. I was running both, a nasty little bug snuck in and the AVG tech support geek suggested I stop running it.

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