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Wb923 (talk|edits) said:

23 August 2013
I'm looking for suggestions for an invoicing software. I have a client who is in about 30 states. He is a cash basis taxpayer. He needs to be able to invoice from multiple locations (cloud based perhaps). We need the ability to "class" the invoices by state. In addition, because he is a cash basis taxpayer, we need the ability to view cash collections by state (cash basis). He has tens of thousands of individual clients that get invoiced.

He used Online QuickBooks in the past. If not for the volume of customers, this would work fine (as it has the ability to class and convert between accrual and cash). But with the amount of customers, the reporting is very limited in size and was not functional. Any suggestions for a non-proprietary invoicing software that would meet the requirements listed above?

Fsteincpa (talk|edits) said:

24 August 2013
Does QB's Enterprise have that capability? It's not cloud based itself, but you can have it hosted in the cloud.

And is he looking to be penny wise and pound foolish?

If has that many customers, a more expensive and sophisticated software might be what he should have.

Wb923 (talk|edits) said:

9 September 2013
No, I think he'll be willing to pay what is necessary to solve this issue. QuickBooks Enterprise (hosted) may be a solution. Are you aware of any additional, more sophisticated software that may accomplish this that I might look into?

Fsteincpa (talk|edits) said:

9 September 2013
There are quite a few. Check out the higher end packages. QB's and QB's Enterprise are focused on the smaller businesses. I used to be involved with SAGE Software and so I know of their offerings, but there are similar mid range packages which should all have the ability to take care of what you need.

If you wish to speak to the reseller I refer people to, shoot me a message or email me by adding @aol.com to the end of my screen name.

He can let you know what Sage can do and he should also be able to tell you what the competing software can do as well.

I believe he is also a QB's certified for Enterprise as well.

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