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TaxgirlCA (talk|edits) said:

20 September 2011
Hello all!

My name is Minnie and I'm delighted I found this website. I am a CPA in California and I've been working in jobs relating to taxes for about 4-5 years now. I started out with a Big 4, and somehow ended up working for the IRS. With the way the government is heading, I'm preparing to hand in my resignation to Uncle Sam and start my own practice.

I look forward to chiming in and getting much needed help as I plan to bust out on my own!

Taxjoy (talk|edits) said:

23 September 2011
Greetings from another newbi to this site-----have you seen the economy out here----this would be a very difficult time to bust out of safe paycheck. Now, the politically correct around here will not like what I am about to say---but when I worked at the SEC I still did taxes at night for HRB and for private individuals, that gave me knowledge about what running my own show would be like. Which section of the ENEMY do you work for? If you do small business stuff then you know how people opening their own shop fall on hard times because: E&O insurance, rent, equipment, phone lines, etc... Most of the CPAs I know got their start with family helping...but be aware that whatever you think on your business plan it will cost----double that----and the clients come very slow in the beginning......My cousin transitioned from government by working for an old CPA who was beginning to think about retirement--first at night, then night and weekends til she knew his business model and then she entered a buy out agreement to takeover slowly so she had a basis to work from as she started to advertise for the kind of client she wanted to work with-----do you know what area you want to focus on?Taxjoy

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