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MikeCARTRP (talk|edits) said:

19 March 2013
Hello, My name is Mike and I am a CTEC and RTRP(lol) tax preparer from CA. I have been a tax preparer for 10 years. I have done only individual returns with some schedules C, D, and E. I am looking to get into some classes that deal with corporate and estate returns so I can work on becoming an EA.

Flvacpa (talk|edits) said:

20 March 2013
How many California Taxpayers are leaving the State since Individual rates went up to 13.3% ??

MikeBITS (talk|edits) said:

20 March 2013
This is the same guy, I got the your name is too long email, and so far of the people that hit that 13.3% mark, one so far has headed to NV

Joanmcq (talk|edits) said:

21 March 2013
Hi Mike. Check out the CA Society of Tax Consultants. We have an upcoming symposium in Vegas in June that has excellent speakers and a plethora of different subjects. It's reasonably priced, as is the hotel, and is also a great way to network with your fellow tax geeks. Where are you located? There may be a chapter near you.

MikeBITS (talk|edits) said:

21 March 2013
Southern CA, abt 1hr or 2 (depending on traffic) east of Los Angeles.

Trillium (talk|edits) said:

21 March 2013
Mike, thanks for switching user names. Sorry the site can't just deal with longer names; maybe someday it will. Early this week, we seemed to have a slew of new users who didn't see the request to avoid long names (on the "create a new account" page), and so quite a few of those notes went out. Thanks for responding so quickly.

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