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Jean Aymard (talk|edits) said:

17 August 2012
Hello everyone,

I am a young professional from North Florida who is looking forward to getting to know everyone. The past 2 years have been with a mid-size firm working on a variety of things, none of which have been 1040 work. It has been bittersweet because the some of the people are great and the pay is excellent but I am not learning as much as I would like and I am generally not satisfied. I've always had an entrepreneurial spirit and I wonder if I would be happier on my own. Like I said, I have very little 1040 experience as most of our clients are large corps/partnerships. I tried to learn more by helping a local CPA during my nights and weekends but it turned out that I was teaching him more than he was teaching me. The end goal is to learn enough from this forum so I could eventually pick up some bookkeeping/payroll clients of my own and eventually take that full time.

I would be curious to know your stories about how you became sole practitioners and any advice you have. Thanks for having me here and I look forward to good times ahead!

TaxInfo (talk|edits) said:

22 August 2012
This is what happens all the time…

You put the time and effort to teach someone in hopes that the person would work for you at least for a few years, but the after one year your trainee leaves you… And of course puts on her/ his resume that he/she worked for your tax practice… It would not matter how much you spend time in teaching, personal talk, preparing her/ his tax returns, correcting errors ….(just put your price tag per hour). I have decided, I would rather train my spouse and children. At least the sweat and all the energy went back into my family. On the other hand, if I were you, I would learn as much as possible from your boss and once I would feel comfortable to go on my own I would just go! You can always get help from the IRS priority line, read and follow form and pub instructions and also ask TaxAlmanac members to help you out. But certainly could not really on their advice 100%. Especially of the members whose assumed business names on this tax forum start with “G” & “P”. Wishing you the best! TaxInfo

Actionbsns (talk|edits) said:

22 August 2012
Welcome Jean. I'm not sure if TaxInfo is helpful or not. We do have a large number of members here who have started from the same place as you, check Business Growth and you may find some connections who are in a similar place. Most of us started where you are (that is, working for someone and wanting to go out on our own) and have continued to grow. I suggest connecting with someone locally with whom you feel comfortable and you can learn from. You will need to have experience with 1040's and their complexity varies from simple W-2's and a 1098 which anyone can figure out, to very complex transactions involving business entities, K-1's, stock transactions etc. Sign up for and take CPE's to enhance your knowlege. I know Kevin will say software is not a replacement for good tax preparation, and he is absolutely right, it's not. But, try the trial programs and purchase the best program you can afford to enhance what you are doing, if you don't understand a diagnostic or why the program is doing something, use that as a tool to learn about whatever issue has presented itself and understand what the diagnostic is about, not an excuse for acceptance. Ask lots of questions here, we'll answer them. Learn to use the yellow search button, and learn how to do research on your own. I'm seriously research challenged, but I'm getting better and the people on this board have helped develop both that skill and my knowlege.

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