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Tdoyle (talk|edits) said:

May 3, 2007
Thank you to everyone who submitted topics in Discussion:The Fast Elephant. The next step is to review the list, make any additions, reword so the descriptions are concise, eliminate duplicates, etc.

Please review the list above and either edit the list directly using the link, or make suggestions in this discussion.

Thank you!

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 10:37, 3 May 2007 (CDT)

Fast Elephant Topics

  • Entity selection
  • S Corporation Issues
    • S Corp compensation
    • S-corps, salaries for S-corp shareholders
    • Health Insurance for S Corps
  • Dependent Issues (Dependent of Girlfriend, Rules for dependents and filing status, especially in the non-traditional situations, and where medical expenses are concerned, etc.)
  • LLCs (Check the box issues)
  • Retirement contributions
  • W2's/1099's
  • Earnest Money Category (lost deposits) - category page updated nov '09
  • Health Insurance for Sch C
  • Flipping Real Estate
  • Anything with LLC, either SMLLC or MMLLC
  • Inherited House
  • IRA Issues
  • Home Sales
  • Home Offices
  • Charitable Issues
  • Minister Salary Issues
  • Basic 1040 section
  • Depreciation - an overview page that in turn links to various articles, research resources, and the discussions in this category
  • Tax Planning
  • 6000 lb SUVs
  • Living in one state, working in another ... and related issues, e.g., one spouse resident of state 1, other spouse resident of state 2.
  • Trusts & Estates
  • Mortgage Letters - risks involved
  • 1099's
  • When to issue Schedule M-2
  • Accumulated Adjustments Account
  • Account issues
  • Accounting practice issues - engagement letters, what to ask clients, when to let a client go
  • Stock Options - links to an overview article
  • Vehicle Expense for Business
  • Real estate in different entities
  • Tax Entities Section (C Corp, S Corp, sole proprietorship, LLC., etc.)
  • Ethics
  • Compliance with IRS circular 230
  • Tax credits (Personal and Business)
Add to or Edit this List

Blrgcpa (talk|edits) said:

3 May 2007
Tax credits-Personal

Tax credits-Business

Death&Taxes (talk|edits) said:

3 May 2007
I think you could combine the various dependency questions. Whether to include filing status in the same ballpark is another matter.

JAD (talk|edits) said:

3 May 2007
Some topics could be sorted by code section - 199, 280A, 409A etc.

Kevinh5 (talk|edits) said:

3 May 2007
not everybody thinks according to the code. Often questions will be "where does it say that I can't do such and such". Those questions go unanswered for hours.

JAD (talk|edits) said:

3 May 2007
Agreed, but you have said before that this forum is for professionals, and many many of us do think in Code.

Rgtaxservice (talk|edits) said:

3 May 2007
I don't think in code, but I like to read it and reference it for those times I come across an issue I'm unsure of. It might be a idea good to link the topics to any particular code sections of relevance.

Kind of like a Riley2 link. Image:smile.jpg

Michaelstar (talk|edits) said:

4 May 2007
Not that I am disagreeing RG - but that would then require an all inclusive link.....

PVVCPA (talk|edits) said:

May 5, 2007
The list seems awfully extensive. I fear that if it is too long, then the user will opt to post a new question. Perhaps, it should be limited to the top 10 questions.

Tdoyle (talk|edits) said:

May 5, 2007
This isn't the list that we'd be presenting new users - this is just a list of suggested topics. I'm hoping we can combine a few items or reword some of them, then we'll vote on which are the most important.

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 00:42, 5 May 2007 (CDT)

Bottom Line (talk|edits) said:

5 May 2007
I'd put Accumulated Adjustments Account in parentheses beside AAA and reword flippers to flipping real estate

Rgtaxservice (talk|edits) said:

7 May 2007
It might be a good to categorize the above mentioned topics as well. e.g. S-Corp Questions, Dependent Issues, Deduction Issues, Retirement Savings Issues, etc...

Tdoyle (talk|edits) said:

May 7, 2007
How's that? Any last changes before we vote?

- Tim Doyle, TaxAlmanac Moderator - Talk to me 10:20, 7 May 2007 (CDT)

Bottom Line (talk|edits) said:

7 May 2007
I like it

Kevinh5 (talk|edits) said:

7 May 2007
check the box refers to LLCs

Vbcpa (talk|edits) said:

7 May 2007
Did you add the tax credits mentioned by BLR above - otherwise looks great -

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