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Discussion:FYE Client Lacerte Texas Franchise Reports not working?

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Mikeburg (talk|edits) said:

13 May 2010
I am using Lacerte to create my 2010 Texas Franchise Tax Reports. The calendar year end clients worked great in 2009 Lacerte program.

In previous years, I had to use the prior year Lacerte Program, 2008's in this case, to create the new year's (2010 in this case) Texas Franchise Tax Reports.

Now it appears & I am told by support all 2010 Texas Franchise Tax Reports must be done in the Lacerte 2009 (not 2008 as in the past) Tax Program but it will not work at all unless we key in override beginning & ending year in screen 51.431. However, the figures the program is using are incorrect. It is apparently using figures from the 2007 Lacerte Program even though I properly proforma to the 2008 Tax Program & then when thru properly proformed to the 2009 Tax Program.

I spent over an hour with Lacerte support & he finally concluded I need to delete the figures off 54.131 & 54.132 in Lacerte 2008 program & proforma the tax return again. One problem is I have already finished FYE clients in 2009 program. Even though I can back them up, I still have a problem getting the correct figures for both the 1120 & Texas Franchise reports together for proforming to next year.

Another problem is I am not seeing where the new figures are coming from.

Then lastly, we still have to remember to override the begin & end dates for the year used for the figures.

There have to be thousands of tax preparers with this problem in trying to generate 2010 Texas Franchise Tax Returns. I welcome any possible solutions, what others did, &/or comments. Thank you. mikeburg

DvilleCPA (talk|edits) said:

13 May 2010
Texas changed the forms for report year 2010 and forward. Lacerte elected to not reprogram 2008 for the change but instead made the changes to the 2009 software.

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