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Discussion Forum Index --> Basic Tax Questions --> Childs Pension Income

Discussion Forum Index --> Tax Questions --> Childs Pension Income

Ztom (talk|edits) said:

17 March 2012
8 year old receives 8k from deceased fathers military pension. Can this be added to mothers taxes or does he have to file? I told mother she cannot claim the pension, the child has to. I am not sure I am correct. When added to mothers there is tax due, when added to child he has to pay fed and state. Help

Death&Taxes (talk|edits) said:

17 March 2012
Child has to file, and it is subject to Kiddie tax.

HowardS (talk|edits) said:

17 March 2012
D&T is correct. I have a military widow with 3 children receiving military & ss benefits. Filed return for each. Fortunately, mom got lots of insurance and doesn't have to work, so no kiddie tax.

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