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Mpfllc (talk|edits) said:

4 December 2005
Well, here's a good one for everyone. Client's son has elected to have "Limb Lengthing" surgery as he is just over 5' tall. Cost of surgery and equipment is over $150,000.00, not to mention travel from home to another state by his parents on a week-to-week basis. My research concludes this is "elective cosmetic surgery" and probably not deductible. However, we do have a letter from a psychiatrist that, while not specifically recommending the surgery" has explained the overwhelming benefits with regard to future psychological problems as the young man grows up. Presently he has already had some major difficulties with the height issue. Initially, my thought was to take the deduction and see what happens, though I am certain the return will be kicked out and IRS will require additional explanation and documentation. Also, the equipment that is used for the procedure is no longer required once the process is completed, so the client wants to donate it to the hospital. I have already counseled him regarding the "Not For Profit" issue with the hospital. My recommendation is to donate it to the Shriner's Hospital (No issue here) and have the equipment appraised prior to donation. What are your thoughts. Thanks, Matt

Hubert Altman (talk|edits) said:

5 December 2005
I would take the deduction and see what happen, if you get a reponse from irs then send the information that the doctor reason for the medical procedure.

Decarlomd (talk|edits) said:

5 December 2005
Take the deduction. With the past problems and the psychiatrist letter for proff if needed (I seriously doublt there will be any need) you are right to claim all medical expenses. To domate the lengthing equipment is a great idea just remember with such great expenses unless the family's income is well above you can't get over what was paid in for taxes. Some can be carried over if need be. With such a proceedure there is usually a great deal of time involved. Some of his medical expenses may go on the next year tax deductions.

DZCPA (talk|edits) said:

6 December 2005
Deduct if you can prove this proceedure corrects or helps an "existing medical condition". Do not think a potential future problem that might or might not occur can be a basis for this deduction.

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