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CrowJD (talk|edits) said:

9 October 2012
A (grown?) Florida man entered a worm and insect eating contest in an attempt to win a python. Ahem. After the contest was over, he died before he could leave the premises. No word yet on the cause of death. Stupidity?

Why in the h*ll are they still selling pythons in Florida when the Everglades swamp is full of them and the invasive species has now been found as far north as South Carolina? We need to be killing these snakes instead of selling more of them. Infuriating.


Spell Czech (talk|edits) said:

9 October 2012

Spell Czech (talk|edits) said:

9 October 2012
Poor editing has allowed the leed of this story to leave us wondering if the deceased did or did not "win" the python. To write that the man "downed dozens of roaches and worms to win a python" fails to report with certainty. And in hot dog eating contests, I believe the contestants have to "keep it down" to win, no?

Bottom Line (talk|edits) said:

12 October 2012
We have a saying down here.....Only in Florida!

Think about it..How many weird stories have you seen that are from Florida. I'm sure the sun cooks people's brains.

CrowJD (talk|edits) said:

12 October 2012
Only in Florida is right. Bottom Line, do you have any idea why they still let pet stores sell pythons? I can't figure it out. The Everglades are running over with them and they pay a reward for people to go out and capture them. I would guess we have a few in S. Georgia by now and I've heard reports that they even found one in S. Carolina for pete's sake. They crowd out native wildlife (including humans).

I mean the guy who ate the insects was a jerk (RIP) and the pet store owner needs to be jailed. Make the pet store owner go out in the swamp and shoot pythons all day. Maybe one will eat him.


Taxaway (talk|edits) said:

13 October 2012
Even if he did win, he doesn't have much use for the python now. Maybe his house was infested and he wanted the python to eat the bugs. Then again, why was his own house infested? He didn't have an appetite?

Bottom Line (talk|edits) said:

14 October 2012
CrowJD, your guess is as good as mine as to why they're allowed to sell the things. It's not only the pythons in the Everglades. The Oscars (fish) are killing off the Bass. The Oscars eat the Bass eggs. Now 4 of 5 fish caught in the Everglades are Oscars. Invasive species (plants too) are a real problem here.

Gazoo (talk|edits) said:

16 October 2012
I think I read something about the Oscar fish. It's a real mess and I wish they would stop the trade in these animals.

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