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Discussion Forum Index --> Basic Tax Questions --> ACA Planning - Individuals and Small Business

Discussion Forum Index --> Tax Questions --> ACA Planning - Individuals and Small Business

Bilbo (talk|edits) said:

23 March 2013
I didn't see any discussions on the pros/cons of going without a group plan in 2014. Are your small business clients (less than 50 employees) asking if it is better to remove their health plan and let employees use the exchange or offer it themselves?

I have an organization that is a not for profit with many older employees who are heavy users. It would be difficult for some of them to get insurance on their own and it has been a struggle to find affordable rates. They are thinking that commensurate with 2014, they just pay a flat fee to each full time employee and let them get their own insurance.

With married individuals where one person works, living in sin may be profitable for the non working spouse. That person would qualify for free health care, yes? The downside would be the change in rates.

I looked for discussions along these lines. If there are any or any good articles, I would appreciate the tip. Will some of the gear up type classes delve into this area at all?


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