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Gazoo (talk|edits) said:

20 September 2013
Chris Matthews said last night on the cable that polls show that something like 60% of the Elephants support the current effort to defund Obamacare.

I don't believe that for a minute. 60% of them might have answered a poll this week or last week and said they support the effort because they were all lathered up about it. BUT out of that 60%, 40% know the damage it would really do...and they don't really support this.

So 20 percent of the Elephant tent supports the effort to defund.

All the websites on both sides are just painful to read right now. Trying to create a drama where there is no drama.

My concern would be that there is more damage to be done than a true default...or some other blip and a downgrade or whatever. Even if we stumble through this mess and get a continuing resolution or however we resolve it, it will make foreigners think about the stability of our country.

Forget about S&P and the other rating agencies. We could have a vote against our credit by thousands of foreign feet over the coming years. Now this is very unlikely because they see us as a country of laws and not men. But, no foreigner really understands the politics of another country unless he has lived there for a while. If we keep bringing our financial business down to the wire like this then we are going to suffer some negative voting by foreign feet. They can buy the debt of other countries that are fairly stable, and learn to live with it.

But more than that, these websites just grate the nerves right now, on both sides. Just selling ads.

H.D. Freifunk (talk|edits) said:

20 September 2013
The twenty percent want a revolution or a mini-revolution and they don't care if no one wants to buy your debt.

A revolution is quite possible in America. The country is old enough now for it's first revolution.

But, even though it might last a week or two years...it will ultimately fail because deep down Americans are moderates. Don't mess with Americans and their hobbies and entertainment. You do that, and it's revolution over. Sayonara revolution.

But yes, revolution is possible with you Americans, even though you are more ignorant than us Germans (sorry I had to get that in). Heh. Heh.

We know how to run a revolution right over here...at least for 15 years or so (and we were left with rubble); and we never fired a gun to do it, and the evil party never got a majority vote and they still took power.

PollyAdler (talk|edits) said:

20 September 2013
After the 20% have their fun with the revolution, we will put these evildoers in the jailhouse and throw away the key. But most importantly, these jails will be run by private companies because they know how to jail better than the government does. Let these people get a taste of what they support. Private enterprise knows how to spend the dollar more wisely than the government and we will throw the evildoers into the private jail pit.

While they are in the jailhouse, they will be forced to attend "re-education" classes to de-program them from Fox and Tea propaganda. The schools will be run by a private coporation owned by Maxine Waters, and there better not be any lip about it from the jailbirds. If it's private, it's better than any government school ever was. I won't tell you who the principal of the school will be yet because I'm afraid of another revolution.

Fr. Mackelhenry (talk|edits) said:

22 September 2013

The Pope, after having read Polly's post, has sent ultra-conservative Head of Clergy for the entire Roman Catholic church to jail.

"The pope transferred [Cardinal] Piacenza to a decidedly lower command post, that of head of the Apostolic Penitentiary....."

Keep in mind, that the man who runs the jail is effectively put in the jail.

Tom, have you seen this?


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