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CrowJD (talk|edits) said:

24 August 2010
Even I have a problem with this.....a huge problem with it

587 million dollar public school, and I can imagine how much learning will go on inside of it:


Some of the best teachers I ever had were housed in the ugliest school buildings known to man.

CrowJD (talk|edits) said:

24 August 2010
I had to include this small quote:

"Nationwide, dozens of schools have surpassed $100 million with amenities including atriums, orchestra-pit auditoriums, food courts, even bamboo nooks."

Food courts?

How did I ever get along without a bamboo nook? What about a book nook?

Tax Writer (talk|edits) said:

24 August 2010
The CA Franchise Tax Board building in Sacramento has a food court, private areas, outdoor plaza, etc. It's beautiful. You should see the auditorium. Very state of the art.

I'm okay with spending more money on schools and less on prisons. --Tax Writer 00:08, 24 August 2010 (CDT)

Snowbird (talk|edits) said:

24 August 2010
Writer ...

I'm okay with spending more money on schools and less on prisons" From what I have been reading in the LA Times, they learn more in prisons, just not advantageous to society. Have you been following the series of articles regarding the statistical analysis of student performance (Value-Added Analysis)?

In another post, you mentioned Nick Russell. Do you follow his blogs? If some think I am a repug, I not sure how they would classify his Bad Nick blog. What books did you co-author? I knew he had a newspaper at one time in Arizona. There is another couple (Honey and Bob Shellman) that are from San Diego that travel most of the year and do tax preparation from their motorhome. The Popeye Express

Flybynight (talk|edits) said:

24 August 2010
This would be egregious at any time, but especially so in a period where new graduates cannot find work due to hiring freezes and existing staff are being "let go". I never understood why so many government buildings are more opulent than private ones (especially many of the aforementioned school buildings).

While this goes on throughout the country, it always seems to be especially bad in California. I understand that California pays more than it receives in federal funds (similar to any populus state), but as a Florida resident, I really hope that my federal tax dollars will not go toward subsidizing California taxpayers.

CrowJD (talk|edits) said:

24 August 2010
Well reasonable people can disagree.

However, once you spend $200M on a school, I don't see the marginal increase in education which would come from spending more dollars.

More moderate sized schools and smaller class sizes seem a better way to go to get an education (if that's the goal). One wonders, what IS the goal?

I think what LA County has built is a monument to homeschooling and the home school movement, and I frankly have no idea how they could be so blind. These people have built the Lincoln Memorial of homeschooling. Just watch how this unfolds over time.

Symbolism is everything in the age of the 24/7 media, and what more perfect symbol could they have created for a public school system out of control?

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