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This category will contain discussions that relate to Practice Management, e.g.: software, e-file issues, obtaining and keeping clients, fees, collections, RALs, hiring and training employees and/or subcontractors, purchasing office equipment, handling clients.

Note: topics such as licensing & exams, CPE, PTIN, etc. will continue to be classified with the Business Growth Community.

(Final determination of which PM/BG topics go where TBD. Please provide any feedback or opinions on this issue in the Feedback Forum. Thanks.)

Link to the prototype for a possible future "Practice Management" forum: Discussion Forum - Practice Management.

Note: The handful of discussions posted there were randomly selected to test the prototype; if it goes live:

(a) it will be an option on the disc forum menus and the "start a new question" page, so new Pr Mgt questions will be classified there automatically, and
(b) existing discussions on relevant topics will be moved in to that forum, e.g., discussions in the Tax Software, Tax Preparers, Document Storage, Record Retention, Lacerte, ProSeries, and possibly Audit Experiences categories, and also prior discussions on fees, collections, hiring/training/firing employees, managing clients, etc. That is all pending!!!
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