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NOTE - please see Notice 2008-1 and if any of the discussions below precede that notice date, they should probably be disregarded. One exception, the following which was a post by Natalie on 3/29/06:

"The proper method of reporting the health insurance premiums for a > 2% owner of an S-corp is to include them in box 1 of the W2s. The amount is fully deductible by the S-corp. On the 1040 the amount gets reported as wages on line 7 and as a deduction on line 29.

The method of reporting does make a difference when the EIC is an issue. If someone makes let's say $25,000 per year in wages and the corp pays health insurance premiums totalling $11,000, the total of $36,000 exceeds the maximum amount allowed for EIC. If the health insurance is incorrectly reported as suggested above, however, TP would erroneously claim the EIC (unless adjustments were made)."

Also pertinent to this category: Health Care Act of 2010 - go all the way to the bottom of the page for links to related discussions.


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