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Practice Management and Business Growth Community

Practice Management Issues

Questions about software, e-file issues, licensing & exams, CPE, fees, obtaining and keeping clients, fees, collections, RALs, PTINs, EFINs, ERO questions, etc. are appropriate here, along with issues like hiring and training employees and/or subcontractors, purchasing office equipment, handling clients, etc.

Business Growth

Are you interested in growing your business? How do you increase your client base? How do you get off the ground in the first year or two? What alternative income streams are available? What about maintaining/managing your practice? Hiring and managing new people?

This TaxAlmanac forum is focused on just these questions and more - even though it's titled the "Business Growth Community" Forum, it's the appropriate place for all discussions about both practice growth and practice management.

(Please use the yellow search box to the left to find prior discussions on your topic, before posting a new question, thanks! Search Hints & Tips.)
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 Sale of a tax practice 1738 3 Dreamcatcher Gregg Gillaspy, CPA, CFP 8 years ago
 E-Services 1335 9 Tdoyle Anuenue 8 years ago
 Online Filing 527 1 GET JamesGRogersCPA 8 years ago
 ProSeries vs Lacerte 3448 6 Mtolic Whode 8 years ago
 Registering in other States 576 1 Poplar PGattoCPA 8 years ago
 Provide Insurance / Annuity Products 466 0 RFM RFM 8 years ago
 What's So Difficult About State Returns 768 4 Igoudiaby Fbcoly 8 years ago
 REP Fees 680 3 Skhyatt Tdoyle 8 years ago
 Tax interview guide 851 4 Skhyatt Roalex 8 years ago
 Professional materials 675 3 TaxLady101 Riley2 8 years ago
 Problems Processing RALs in ProSeries Basic? 612 3 Msdotaxes Msdotaxes 8 years ago
 Software prices and upgrades 604 1 Luselrios Dusty 8 years ago
 Website for my Tax Prep. biz 785 1 Lalva Wkstaxprep 8 years ago
 Retaining Clients records 810 4 MAPBUSINESS Riley2 8 years ago
 Accounting 558 1 TerryB LJACPA 8 years ago
 Pricing 858 2 Jimstax Warren 8 years ago
 Pricing of returns 1378 4 Rach TLF 8 years ago
 Financial planning software 463 1 Chris2lane Martineo 8 years ago
 Errors & Omissions 1178 7 MAPBUSINESS TLF 8 years ago
 Corporate Tax Org 349 0 Jntax Jntax 8 years ago
 ProSeries file extention information 2426 5 Taxea 8 years ago
 Ideas for Attracting New Customers 2669 22 Skhyatt Tdoyle 8 years ago
 1120S, 1120C, 1065 1134 5 Abc Taxref 8 years ago
 ProSeries Slip Sheet Printing 613 2 Gardner Gardner 8 years ago
 Letter of Engagment 1572 9 Ryanaukerman Gawalisjr 8 years ago
 Termination of services letter 10228 7 MAPBUSINESS Sandysea 8 years ago
 E-filing size limits 398 1 Pjnbarb JR1 8 years ago
 Slow period 1964 19 SKB Karen258 8 years ago
 Refund calendar 3297 1 Pejay900 Taxmom 8 years ago
 State Refund and AMT 4713 26 Dennis Dennis 8 years ago
 GAO REPORT - Chain Preparers Made Serious Errors 1878 15 Jake DZCPA 8 years ago
 Anyone with this kind of problem with the client 1494 14 Inagpurwala Nola999 8 years ago
 Preparer fees 1160 3 Bengoshi Tess 8 years ago
 G-d Help me I am way behind!! 1902 14 Biggulping Tstolley 8 years ago
 Need help with a quickbooks dilema 2029 14 Sandysea Natalie 8 years ago
 AARRGGHH Non-paying clients 4827 42 Sandysea NeubergerIncomeTax 8 years ago
 Quickbooks disk 1469 9 Jokadah Natalie 8 years ago
 Quicks book certifications 936 5 Martineo JR1 8 years ago
 After Tax Season 5354 38 Tdoyle Warren 8 years ago
 Pros and Cons 1487 5 Tess 8 years ago
 Not a tax question; engagement ltr for bookkeeping/write up 814 4 LJACPA Jdugancpa 8 years ago
 Engagement Letter Frequency 1863 13 Beengel Natalie 8 years ago
 How long to keep paper trail? 1150 7 RHAS Tdoyle 8 years ago
 Fee Structure & Payments to IRS 2012 17 Skq9545 Skasselea 8 years ago
 Tax organizer 627 2 DZCPA 8 years ago
 Billing Software 1434 7 Lalamay99 Warren 8 years ago
 FINANCIAL REPORTS 1427 9 Infotax Infotax 8 years ago
 Tax Software 1461 2 Saltikov Dyeomans 8 years ago
 If client does not pay for work performed 2359 8 8 years ago
Results 1-50 of 2770 Page: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 More >>
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Business Growth Resources (User-provided)

  • - free website designed to help entrepreneurs navigate the challenges of starting a new business
  • Growing and Managing your Business on the Small Business Administration website
  • - Inexpensive website host with good support.
  • - Free color business cards
  • Business 2.0 - A great magazine that will inspire your endeavors
  • - Can be used for free marketing / advertising.
  • Can be used for free marketing / advertising as well as setting up a website that you send off to users of your local area
  • - A wiki-model free resource and narrow search engine.
  • - The website of MyBusiness Magazine, including daily updates and an archive of six years of small business how-to and feature articles.
  • QuickBooks Online Community - Provides articles, tips and tricks, and other goodies to help individuals start and grow their business.
  • - Custom business cards, mailing, postcards, and web design.
  • - Advanced web-based collaborative tools for professionals.
  • - We provide you with a no-charge Preliminary Cost Segregation Analysis of your client's commercial real estate for you to evaluate against their current tax situation.
  • - Secure, reliable, offsite data protection for small businesses.
  • - Excellent resource for entrepreneurs created by entrepreneurs. Subject matter experts and blogs on a variety of subjects from marketing, to starting a business, to sales.
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