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2005 1065 K-1 Line 14 code A

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Net earnings (loss) from self-employment. If you are a general partner, reduce this amount before entering it on Schedule SE (Form 1040) by any section 179 expense deduction claimed, unreimbursed partnership expenses claimed, and depletion claimed on oil and gas properties. Do not reduce net earnings from self-employment by any separately stated deduction for health insurance expenses.

If the amount on this line is a loss, enter only the deductible amount on Schedule SE (Form 1040). See Limitations on Losses, Deductions, and Credits beginning on page 2.

If your partnership is an options dealer or a commodities dealer, see section 1402(i).

If your partnership is an investment club, see Rev. Rul. 75-525, 1975-2 C.B. 350.

2005 1065 K-1 instructions

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