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2005 1065 K-1 Line 10

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The amount in box 10 is generally passive if it is from a:

• Rental activity or • Trade or business activity in which you did not materially participate. However, an amount from a rental real estate activity is not from a passive activity if you were a real estate professional (defined on page 3) and you materially participated in the activity.

If the amount is either (a) a loss that is not from a passive activity or (b) a gain, report it on line 2, column (g), of Form 4797, Sales of Business Property. Do not complete columns (b) through (f) on line 2 of Form 4797. Instead, write “From Schedule K-1 (Form 1065)” across these columns.

If the amount is a loss from a passive activity, see Passive Loss Limitations in the Instructions for Form 4797. You will need to report the loss following the Instructions for Form 8582 to figure how much of the loss is allowed on Form 4797. However, if the box in item D is checked, report the loss following the rules for Publicly traded partnerships on page 4. If the partnership had net section 1231 gain (loss) from more than one activity, it will attach a statement that will identify the amount of section 1231 gain (loss) from each activity.

2005 1065 K-1 instructions

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